Looking for a phone app recommendation for tracking outside activities with no leaderboards, etc.?

I’m looking for a kid-friendly app for my teenage daughter for tracking outside activities, primarily running.

I’m not looking for Strava and I’d like to avoid its features such as leaderboards, the social aspect, etc. I’d like her to be able to track her miles and pace over time, but that’s about it.

Thanks for any recommendations.

Not a runner, so no clue but UnderArmour has some simple apps the get quite good reviews eg. Map My Run by Under Armour they also have a Map my Fitness

I’m pretty sure you’d need one of their watches but the Coros app does a decent job of tracking running and doesn’t seem to have all the social integration pieces. My watch uploads easily and it keeps a good log there.

The free version of Training Peaks works as well, but their app isn’t quite as aesthetically pleasing as others, including Coros. I don’t know that a teen would like it that much.

Map My Run or Run Keeper would be my choices.

I would use Strava in private mode - link it to Intervals.icu and use that as the primary interface for viewing runs and progress.

This is exactly what I use Garmin connect for.


I use FATMAP. It’s fun for checking out MTB and running trails in 3d

+1 on garmin connect

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I would invest in some entry-level (if money is a concern) fitness watch. First and foremost, it’s way more convenient for running than messing with your phone. Also helps to keep the phone fully charged for any kind of emergency. And those companion apps would usually do exactly what you’re asking for. All the good stuff without social buzz.

I myself am a long-time Suunto user. Love their watches, and their app 100% matches your requirements. But I’m sure other big brands will do too.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

UnderArmour’s app looks pretty good, going to use that for now. FATMAP also looks like a good option and I’m definitely going to check it out the next time I’m ski touring or backpacking.

I just realized Gaia GPS would also work for this purpose also.

I agree a watch is the probably the best option going forward. Waiting to see how much of a habit this turns into over the next few months.