Looking advice for hydratation for training and racing

I would like to hear about your thoughts about this topic.

I have discussed with a couple of friends about hydratation during trainign and we have a theory that during training it is better to take only water and during the race some hydratation as Cytomax.

We think this because if we train our body during training only drink water and then when we have a race and take cytomax our body can respond better a be stronger.

Train like you race. You want to be 100% comfortable and 100% confident that what you put in your body on race day will work for you.

Why handicap yourself and not get as much out of your training as possible, unless you’re seeking out a specific goal (i.e., fasted training)?

SGLT1 and GLUT5, at least, upregulate in response to increased concentrations of dextrose/fructose (respectively).

So to the extent that you deprive your gut of these two nutrients their respective transporters will down regulate. If you consume no glucose/fructose during training your ability to maximize transport of these two nutrients ON RACE DAY will not be maximized. Fortunately, upregulation happens quick. Bottom line, start training your gut at least 10 to 12 days before the event.

If you wanna do just water before that, great. Don’t think it matters too much as long as you are hydrated sufficiently.