Longest ride for IM70.3 training too short?

I tried searching in the forum but no luck with getting the right set of words to search. I’m on the last week of sweet spot base 1 (low volume) and enjoying every minute of it. Trainerroad has made me very disciplined in my training and I can feel myself getting stronger. My 70.3 race is in August and as I glanced forward to the rest of the build and specialty phases, I noticed that the longest ride is only 1hr 45min, if I were to continue on Low Volume.

My question is: is that sufficient? I come from a history of cycling upwards to 3 hours low intensity to prepare for the distance, so this is something new to me.

Much appreciated.

There’s this thread here that is very similar: Long rides in Half Distance Triathlon Plan


I would try to get outside for a ride, replace a TR one, that mimics the terrain of the race that is 50-60 miles myself. Make sure to brick it to help with dialing in your nutrition.

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+1 to @Scheherazade s link

I missed that thread - I think the training gives to the physiological adaptations (to use TR speak) but execution is another matter.

IMO. Unless you know the course/have raced similar several times…You need to get out for around 90km practicing output in the real world, and on a very hilly course as I had, that can require some work.

Yes it’s long enough. I did it several years ago for my first 70.3 and was a top 20% finisher overall. If I could run better I’d have even better results. The failure for me was not enough BRICKS in my training.

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Thanks for that. It’s reassuring to know others had found success with 1h45 rides as the longest. I trust the training and coming from a running background, I have to remind myself not to do it similarly. Agree also that bricks is quite important.

Thanks for the link. Will be bookmarking it. Wonderful resources shared over on that thread.