Longest ramp test

When I first joined Trainerroad I had no idea what my FTP would be so just accepted the estimate given. This meant that when I did the ramp test, it went on for a really, really long time…

Can anyone else beat Step 30? I’m wondering if this could be the first, and only, record I hold on Trainerroad! :joy:


That is quite long. I’m curious, why is your cadence so low?

Huh, good spot. I hadn’t noticed that. I guess it was my first time using ERG mode and I had no understanding how it worked at all (I was changing gears throughout this test). I do have a low cadence still, but tend to settle naturally in 80-85 range.

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My very first ramp test was 34 steps. :neutral_face:



It was a slightly surreal experience for me as Chad’s commentary was telling me that my legs should really be hurting by now when I was still cruising. I think I even remember it saying that they were so impressed they were going to put my portrait on the Trainerroad wall! :rofl:


Mine took so long cuz after the initial sign up & profile population they estimated my FTP to be 142 which basically gave me a 25 min warm up.

I also gravely underestimated my FTP when starting since I had just started cycling.
I went to step 44 before stopping out of boredom.