Longest day rides

So we’ve just had the longest day. Anybody else do a really long ride? Post it below and see how long it takes to feel inferior to someone else!



Sieh dir meine Aktivität auf Strava an: https://strava.app.link/zI2b15fiMX

That was a pretty long day I must add. 520km in a single sitting not recommended!


that is a very long ride!

I once went with two other guys for a ride from central Poland (Masovia) to the Baltic coast (Pomerania). It went pretty well - I was quite fit back then, we even got a KOM on strava near the end of our voyage. :slight_smile:


but I have to admit that it was propably once in a lifetime thing


Excellent ride, well done @joshowenmorris I’m sure you enjoyed that Welsh country side and fresh air.

Most I’ve ridden was in May, Welsh 409km Audax, but only the other month I did an eight hour 100 mile orbit from home, just fancied getting out for the day, so took a day off work.

Examining some Strava flybys of others I’d passed and I was very impressed by this guys 647km lonesome cycle ride… https://www.strava.com/activities/2376657028 Made my days ride feel like a ride to the shop and back :sweat_smile:


Just done my longest ever on Saturday: https://www.trainerroad.com/career/rev0knuckle#.XREcPmXigi4.link

Absolutely amazing day. Even though everything that could go wrong did go wrong it was epic and I would highly recommend the event to anyone in the UK, or anywhere else that fancies a challenge for that matter!

More details here: https://velo29events.com/sportives/yorkshire-beast/


My biggest day yet, CX bike bike paths/roads, Id like to crack 400 soon.

2015 ride across Florida 168.4 miles @ 20…mph 8 hours and change, 34 minutes i think it was. Did it with some great friends what a day.

240 miles, single day ride to the beach.

Long way to go, just for a bit of seafood.


There’s something so rewarding and more-ish about day rides!
My longest was 455km plus usual 20km work commute after. https://www.strava.com/activities/1243604349 I ran out of time to get to next big town, or i’d be late for work next morning haha. Looooong gaps between (drinkable) water and terrible heat.
And recommend doing a full moon overnighter. So quiet and beautiful. Done this leg half doz times, but this one was fastest PB thanks to trainerroad! :ok_hand: https://www.strava.com/activities/1745508635


This ride was the second time i did this, last time was back in 2013, and I have also had a few DNFs. Still, year after year I get this weird compulsion to sign up again and endure the pain all over.


540km in at times very bad weather, it rained for about the first 150km and when reaching the mountains it got close to 0 degrees celsius in wet gear. First longer break I had, I couldn’t stop shivering for 30 minutes.

Undecided if I sign up for next year, but knowing myself I probably will :slight_smile:


Styrkeproven: Trondheim - Oslo 540km. Very cold in the Mountains :slight_smile:


Ride to the Sun: 328km in all from Edinburgh to Carlisle and back in time to see the sun rise (or not in this case).



Can’t we all see Coach @chad on the podcast just shaking is head at these long rides? I’m pretty certain my 240 mile ride had no meaningful training benefit, but it was a fun day nonetheless.

Impressive, no doubt, and some value there for sure, at least for the first few hours. :wink: And yep, the second I saw “328km” I started shaking my head. Well done…and if you ever do it again, you only have yourself to blame.


It’s only Milan-San Remo and a wee bit… Might have taken a little longer though.

On a more serious note, not everything has to be training - sometimes riding your bike because it’s what you want to do is actually much more important and riding for a whole day with good mates to try to see the sun rise was awesome.

Sore legs now though.



We’ve done this ride a couple of years ago. The course was mostly flat, it was a nice summer day and we were shooting for 30 km/h avg.




256KM and over 2000 meters for me and since then I have vowed never to ride that long again. Not as impressive as some of the rides I’m seeing here.

I limit myself to around 150km max now and only for special occasions like cycling trips

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207 miles from Seattle to Portland. It’s an annual ride that is put on by Cascade Bicycle Club. Brother and I are doing our 3rd annual run of it in 3 weeks. My brother and I climbed to the summit of Mt St Helens this past weekend. 7500 of elevation over 82 miles.


Super impressed by these rides! I’m about to do my first long one, 205 miles. Any tips from you fellow long haulers? My pace plan is 0.55 IF, I’m not in a hurry!