Long term plan for a 70.3 A race next August

I’m in the same boat as @octopusx although my A race is a 70.3 in late July. So here’s a summary of what the official TR account posted the reddit thread that @schmidt linked:

if you have a time frame that exceeds the 24 weeks outlined in the Half Distance Plan, we recommend the following progression:

Traditional Base (12 Weeks)
Half Distance Base (8 Weeks)
Half Distance Build (8 Weeks)
Half Distance Specialty (8 Weeks)

This will be a total of 36 weeks. This progression allows you to build a massive aerobic engine by doubling down on Base training, which will help immensely on the 56 mile bike leg."

Seems like a reasonable plan, seeing that there are ~44+ weeks until August 1st.

My only concern is: what is the best way to fit some strength training & general run/swims into the traditional base portion? (I imagine this won’t be super hard to do, I’d just like to have TR or someone else tell me how to lol)

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