Long Ride Knee Pain

Hi - I have been experiencing some (minor) knee pain/soreness on longer rides (>3:00) in the HV Full-Length Triathlon training plan, usually after around the 3:00 mark. These rides are usually pretty doable muscularly and aerobically, but I sometimes have to stop around that time both to use the bathroom and to give my knees a rest. The pain is usually right above the kneecap (I’m thinking quadriceps tendon), and persists through the end of those rides. I’m worried because in about five weeks I will start having to pair brick runs with 4:00+ rides, and I had knee surgery on my left knee cartilage about 13 months ago.

My current bike was suggested by my fitter, and was setup for my rides in TT position. I generally spend 95% of my rides there, with short 1-min breaks to consume a gel or bar every 45 or so minutes.

Any tips on how I should address this issue? I think that since the frequency of these long rides is only 1x a week, it may be hard to test a lot of different changes.

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Have you had a bike fit before on this setup?

Yep, it was recommended after a tri bike fit on a retul bike, and shipped to the fitter to adjust.

Hi, welcome!

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