Long finger gloves or short finger gloves?

I’ve alway wore short finger gloves but as of lately i’ve been wearing long finger gloves. Its been nice for training and racing, from braking to just having more of a comfort control feel on the bike. For summer the gloves don’t get hot, just the same as short finger gloves just long though.

what do other people do, I would like to know your thoughts on this and reason why on what gloves you all prefer to use?

Temperature is my only guide. 15C or less I wear a long sleeve base layer, tights and long fingered gloves. Plus 15C I wear short fingered gloves, shorts and a base layer. 20C plus the base layer goes…but then I small, skinny (61kg) and feel the cold! If I racing though I wear a long sleeved TT skinsuit and no gloves unless it is less than 15C in which case I have some aero mitts :grinning:

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Long fingered gloves all the time when outside. As a machinist, my hands and fingertips are essential so I protect them. I know some get sweaty hands when its really smoldering outside but it’s never been a bother to me so long fingered gloves all the way.


Jeez, I think there is something wrong with me. I wore just a skinsuit in 12mph wind and rain at abingdon airfield this weekend gone.

On the road no gloves until it gets below 15 degrees, unless really damp/wet.
Typically below 10 I’ll put on a pair of Castelli CX gloves, very thin but provide some warmth and grip, there are ok in the rain if not too cold.
Much below that I’ll vary gloves but always long finger.

On the trainer I sometimes chunk on some fingerless track mitts, mainly for moisture/sweat catching.

On my MTB always long fingers. I have come off too many times to not, nobody wants to pick out bits of twig from their palms :slight_smile:

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Closed circuit racing is a bit different though to be fair! You’re going to be on the rivet the whole time so generating plenty of heat. And no standing around at traffic lights freezing your arse off. I’d be right there with you in a SS skinsuit for a race at 12C, but training in the same temperatures I’d add some gloves and either a LS base layer or maybe a gilet and arm warmers if it was likely to get hotter later in the ride.

I like mitts on the road bike regardless - TT I prefer none in summer - I get very cold and my power drops but I will TT in just a Nopinz skinsuit in all conditions. For early season TT I tend to enter the road bike section though and wear tights.

I always wear long fingered gloves, even racing CX or XC above 100 degrees. They do get very sweaty.
I work with infectious agents and do not want any cuts on my hands.

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Winter time of course windproof long finger gloves. Summer time, training , and racing lightweight long finger gloves meant for summer time.

Why don’t pros wear long finger gloves? More confortent better braking because you also have grip on your fingers, bottle hand outs, overall more safe. Is because doesn’t look cool, would their team even let them wear them?


Light Xc gloves if chilly or mostly gravel and fingerless in the warm road work. Then fully warm ones in the autumn/winter as I have poor circulation.

MTB always and I mean always, even a couple miles, have some full gloves on.

Learnt the hard way not to wear them, £30 is much better to trash than hands!

Long for me and live in GA where summers are hot. Main reason the short always push up making it uncomfortable.

Handup makes great Summer-weight gloves that are light-weight breathable mesh on the back! I’ve loved these on hot days and for warmer CX/XC races.