Full Finger Gloves for Road - Options?

I prefer full finger gloves for racing, especially crits. I’ve had a pair for LG full finger gloves now for 4 years but they are on their last legs. Turns out LG doesn’t make another pair.
They are super thin, had some minimal gel padding in the palm, leather palm and tons of breathability on the back.

I’ve checked the usual places but cant seem to find anything. Also been looking at some MTB XC gloves but they seem to be more bulky. Anyone have suggestions of what they use?

im an xc mtber. handups summer gloves are not bulky and super breathable. and even their non summer gloves i wouldnt consider as bulky.

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I am a big fan of the


They are fairly minimalist, but are well padded and very comfortable

Not great for MTB, but perfect for road riding

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I use these simple gloves for gravel rides.

And these also look good:


The giro dnd are my go to. They have minimal padding, if any. They do not provide any warmth, just protection.

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+1 on the Giro DND … I can confirm from numb experience that they are not warm (nor are they designed to be!) but they are comfortable and great all round gloves

Also super enjoy the Giro DND. Been through two pairs of them now. Also picked up a pair of Handup gloves (mentioned above) and like them as well. They feel comparatively minimal in construction compared to the already minimal DND. My Handup gloves do not have any padding.

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I’ve had luck with Fox Reflex(?) full fingered gloves for both MTB & trail. Not much if any padding tho. But I always liked these for crit racing. Imo FF gloves are essential for crits, and for CX, too

Also recommend handup gloves. Use them for cyclocross. Absolutely perfect.

I’ll second both the Giro DND and the Handups. I have a pair of both. As a serial-non-glove-wearer I don’t mind them when the situation calls for them.

5 bling are popular with us trackies.

+1 for handups! a company that puts fun in cycling, LIKEY!