London 2 Paris Training Plan Advice

Hiya all

Just got a place in a 24hr (or strictly speaking 2 day) event from L2P in late May. As a bit of back ground I’ve got multiple years of long distance tri behind me. And I literally do mean behind me now as it’s been about 18 months since I’ve done any kind of structured training and/or anything remotely long.

With that in mind, im toying with signing up to TR or Wahoo X. I’ve never used TR for an event but I have used Wahoo X previously when it was sufferfest. I’m a huge fan of the sufferfest videos but I’d say the customisation of the plan is limited.

From memory TR is good for working out a plan from say today until the event and also factoring in holidays etc. Is that right?

I guess the other option is I just use a free Garmin plan.

Anyway, any help is always appreciated.


Hey there!

We think TR is pretty good for working out a plan from today until your event (while also factoring holidays and such). :wink:

Plan Builder sounds like what you’re looking for. You’ll enter in some details about your training history and your event, and Plan Builder takes care of the rest and lays out a custom plan tailored to your fitness levels.

Feel free to let us know if you have any questions with using TR!

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Hi there!
I’m in a “similar” situation by participating in a BRM400 end of June.
From what I could read from users doing long distances here, most of them are sticking to an LV plan done during the week, while doing some long rides during the weekend to get some hours in the saddle.
Yes, TR is quite good are building a plan taking into account holidays, events, etc. What TR is lacking a bit is incorporating everything unplanned (like your Sunday ride).
Nevertheless, it’s a great product with a lot of possibilities.

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It’s a flat ride, less than 300k so the riding part shouldn’t be a major problem. For me the hardest part was sleeping on a noisy boat and/or riding through Paris having been awake for >36 hours. Definitely worth investing in earplugs, and eye mask and maybe a camping mat!

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