Lock into old pricing for one week

Don’t give them ideas !

  • I want to draw attention to this because it bears emphasis.

In the original thread, I think some people forgot that there are real humans within this company. People with the same feelings, goals and thoughts that we all have. This is not some faceless mega-corp driven to extract every cent from our pockets. The implications of greed, selfishness and other unsavory comments towards Nate and the team in that thread were insulting and beyond unnecessary.

TR is a group of amazing people, lead by someone that clearly loves his customers and the way his business impacts them. I’ve never seen the level of interaction from a leader, and the group working with him, that we see continuously from TR.

I just hope people remember things like this when something happens that is not to their liking in the future. Keep some perspective for you, the people involved, and the actual impact of the situation. The #firstworldproblems tag is a bit cliche, but touches on the reality that we often overemphasize the gravity of situations like this, well beyond what is appropriate.


In all seriousness I would not mind inflationary rises to the grandfathered prices (say tied to US official inflation rate or similar). That to me is fair to TR and @Nate_Pearson keeping his word.


A different option I could see:

  1. The current price for all new and returning users (whatever is the active rate).
  2. The “prior” price for all sustaining users (the old price prior to the active rate above).

Essentially have two price points with the top being the current price, and the other being the most recent previous price for all legacy users still on active subscription.

This idea is different than Nate’s current “your price is the price for life” which is really amazing if you think about it. My proposal still rewards loyalty and yet helps the company by increasing revenue over time to address inflation and other growth costs over time.


Great reaction, I hope you will gain a fair number of new yearly subscribers and not lose any more sleep over this. Thanks for keeping it real!


Quick note on (what I think is) a bug: I was grandfathered in at 12$ but hadn’t changed to the annual plan due having to take the higher annual price, think you rolled out some code to allow me to take 99$/yr price (thank you!). But now after clicking yes to take the $ option it tells me I am now paying £99/yr (UK subscriber). See pics. Is this a mistake?

That’s a display bug. We’re fixing that today. You will still be charged in USD.

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I’m one of those who both a) find value in the whole TR experience way beyond watts/$ even at way higher than my grandfathered price, and b) felt sad yesterday at what seemed like the passing of an era in TR’s history, which has come to be part of my own. It was the (apparent) change in ethos, not the change in price. I spent much of yesterday trying to articulate what all that value consisted of, just for me personally which got too lengthy to post. Glad I postponed instead of posted, and can just echo others who see a really classy course correction.

On the transparency issue, I do want to add that one of the totally loveable things about Nate as a cycling competitor is hatching all these clever schemes with Pete to crush the competition – and then podcasting them to the whole world! The hardened vets can say, never show your hand like that, you newbie! But in fact he’s performing better and winning more than ever on his bike(s), foolish transparency or not. Publicly making, owning, and correcting a mistake has paid off here too, apparently, when his customers have gone from dismay yesterday to trying to figure out how to fairly pay TR more today! Maybe it’s not bad business after all to keep trying to do the right thing.

insert fist bump *

great move


Bravo is in order for @Nate_Pearson and the TR team. I have been a user for a couple of years now off and on and on the yearly plan as of last Sept.

It is amazing in this day and age to have some much contact and openness with your customers. Looking forward to being a customer for a long time.

Edti: @mcneese.chad I do think it is an interesting idea each year if you are “grandfathered” your price would/could go up by X amout of dollars yearly to continue to support TR enhancements. I would be ok with this.


I was on the fence about signing up before the last price increase. It was the grand fathering option that made me push the subscribe button. I was surprised it wasn’t announced this time. I’m sure it would lead those who aren’t sure to join. Well done on making amends.


Sweet! Nice recovery @Nate_Pearson, nearly as good as that bent chainring sprint recovery. Just jumped on the annual plan!


Great communication Nate, from NZ I use you guys constantly as an example of Product Management, customer engagement and all round general “if you’re running a SaaS startup, act like these guys”.
I’m a subscriber since June 2013


Nate and TR, Petrone of the week!


There are so few companies that communicate with their users and actually listen to feedback the way you guys do. Keep doing what you’re doing and I’ll keep giving you my money! :smiley:


Kudos for having an humble company. For being full happy with TR, i need auto push the swim runs in calendar. I only miss this feature :slight_smile:


I’m confused, as I didn’t notice the “short (or no?) announcement problem,” and now I do not follow the whole discussion/TR reaction…
Is it still true that the price you get when you enter is the price that you keep for life?
Bcs that’s what was true at some point, right?

To tell you the truth, I have been barely using the app, but I keep paying as a sign of support…


  • Yes, as long as you continue the plan and payment (without canceling or missing a payment), you keep your existing pricing.

Great call @Nate_Pearson and I only heard of this by listening to the Podcast today and as ever you covered this with honesty and style.
I regularly wax lyrical about TR and this is one of the reasons why - you genuinely care about your customers, something that shines through here and whenever I contact your team.
Whilst I think my $99 is an absolute bargain I would have been gutted not to have not been communicated about this in the same way we were in Oct '18. It has also prompted me to check that I’m all set up to auto-renew - thankfully I’m all good!!
If you do tier membership I would urge caution - my take on it is that Strava has bodged this.
Really looking forward to Wahoo integration - just another reason to be a TR user 12 months a year beyond the calendar, performance analytics etc!!

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If I get annual subscription now will it stay at that price forever?