Lock into old pricing for one week

great way of dealing with this IMO


TR is amazing. Never seen a company reacting so quickly to mistakes and having the pelotas to admit them! (imo the only mistake they made is not communicating to your existing customers . Increasing prices is totally valid and their business decision)
I was on the edge of subscribing. The price increase was a bummer but wouldn’t stop me from subscribing eventually (although it would be on a monthly basis, only during winter), but this totally convinced me to instantly subscribe for a year! :smile: Hats off TR, really.


I always think a company shows its true worth not by the mistakes it makes (we all make mistakes) it’s by how they resolve them. Great stuff @Nate_Pearson and it’s why you seperate yourself from the rest.


Classy move!

I believe it is moments like this when you step up and show that you genuinely care about your customer base that makes the difference for me and many others. Talk about value, talk about getting faster, it is moments like this that confirm that our money is in good hands with you.


IF you are grandfathered in at the reduced price, can you always switch to the yearly plan for the same cheaper price? Or should i switch to yearly now?

I’ve been wanting to switch to yearly, but i’d rather switch in a different month, since i have a bunch of yearly subscriptions i pay for in the next 2 months.

Contact support and ask them to switch your subscription over to the yearly plan and then set the renewal date for two months from now to line up with your other accounts. You’ll then just pay a prorated fee for now up until two months from now.


Good move.


I was waiting until after my marathon in September to subscribe, but after seeing the price increase I was having second thoughts. I’ll subscribe before my marathon now that I have the chance at the lower price. Thanks


Just joined last month after receiving a free month subscription, then 10 days ago I decided to subscribe and I paid an annual $129.00/year. When I saw a sneaked in increase in price I felt betrayed although it wasn’t affecting me directly. However this change of heart and the admission by the CEO that he made a wrong decision on the price increase without communicating it, made me regain the trust I’ve just build over the last few weeks…big up to you @Nate_Pearson for owning up.


Why would you feel betrayed when it didn’t affect you? And it wasn’t “sneaked in” because current members maintain the same pricing they joined on. The only people affected are new customers


I didn’t comment in the other thread as I wasn’t directly effected.

This response is brilliant and it makes me proud to be TR user and part of the TR forum/community.


@Nate_Pearson, chapeau for making what must have been a tough decision (and one, personally, I don’t think you needed to make). I saw your post in the other thread highlighting what this is likely to do to your funding stream and therefore how quickly you can continue development.

Given the possible future issue with raising increased funding with your (awesome) grandfathering policy I have a suggestion. Would it be possible to code a system whereby those of us on grandfathered pricing have the option of moving to a more up to date price point (ie someone currently on $99pa could choose to increase to $129pa)?

Another way could be to offer a donations option but I feel that wouldn’t fit as nicely.


That’s a very impressive move guys.

It’s not often than you see a company do that - even if you didn’t actually do nothing wrong, just a little bit below your usual (very high) standards.

Hats off to you !


You can now switch to the cheaper yearly plan when you want to. We added the ability to do that yesterday.




I think the reason people felt bad when it didn’t impact them was because they expected more from us. We weren’t acting in the standard they were used to from us and that was the issue.

It literally made me sick to my stomach when I realized what I did. I’m going to talk about it a bit on the podcast today.

Thanks everyone for the kind words, but you should pat yourself on the back for holding me/us accountable. We’re super lucky to have such an engaged user base.

Other companies pay TONS and TONS of money to get user feedback like ya’ll give us on the forum. The entire company appreciates it and we really do listen. We have employees drop in forum threads into our Slack all the time and we discuss what you are saying (the good and the bad).


Yes, we could do something like that. A sorta (choose your price) as long as it’s higher than what you’re paying. I’m not sure how many people would take advantage of that.

If you want to help us the best way is to tell your friends. Use the free month codes on your account and send them out to people. Talk about us your TR success on the internet. Share the podcast and YouTube channel with your friends. All of that helps the most and is probably a bigger financial boost than anyone could pay themselves.


There’s a lot to applaud here…

  • The user base for providing open feedback, even if it didn’t directly affect them (us), the expression of “Hey, this isn’t what we’re used to from TR.” Even the most ardent defenders of TR’s value recognized that this wasn’t in their norm.
  • Nate for being engaged in the long thread, expressing the decision making process to his “investors” and customers.
  • Nate again for not panicking and allowing it to play out a little bit throughout the week, and I presume churning over it and losing sleep over deciding what “the right thing to do is.”
  • And again, the company for recognizing that while it was entirely within its rights to do change pricing as it desired, and recognizing the value it provides, but still wanting to do things a certain way to maintain its relationship with the customers.

I can’t think of another company that has the kind of loyal following that TR has, and it’s probably largely due to the podcast. I think we all feel like we’re in tune with what’s going on with the company on the whole, even if it’s really none of our damn business. Excellent work here. Thanks for “letting us in.”


I am in retail; the lesson is never if you will make a mistake but how you react when you do make a mistake. Amazingly you can turn a negative into a positive.
Classy move by TR; ironically the whole “crisis to resolution” creates far more goodwill than if it had been handled with Better communication in the first place !


I understand Nate and salute you and the team for taking this decision.

I just feel like people expect too much sometimes, despite you already offering SO much.

The grandfather system that you use is fantastic, in a time where most companies offer better deals to NEW customers and other subscription services would apply their price increases to all members, regardless of “loyalty”.

I appreciate that you want to be better than these companies though and hold yourself to your own standards, and that’s very admirable. Chapeau!