Black Friday Deals? TR Getting Expensive

For many of us who reside in countries with a deteriorating currency against the mighty US$, TR is getting quite expensive.
Are there any deals in the pipeline this Black Firday?

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If I remember correctly they don’t do Black Friday deals or discounts in general. The best way to get a discounted price is to subscribe to the yearly plan, at least if you use it enough throughout the year to justify the cost.

Edit: I found this thread that already addresses the request, although it’s 2 years old so you never know: Black Friday Deals On TR Subscription?

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Subscribe to the yearly plan and never cancel, then you get grandfathered pricing…


How much is that? I’m new to TR, and signed up for the yearly plan. Very happy so far.

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Well you don’t get special pricing - but you are protected against future price increases. I subscribed in 2016 and am still paying the same amount, $12/month. I don’t think that’s a secret, I am sure Nate explained the grandfathering on the podcast when they changed the pricing structure.

Usually when they do a big change to the structure of the pricing plans they try not to alienate all of their existing users.

Of course, that does mean I have given them $720 dollars in the past 5 years…


You can pay me $ 1000 and I will make my account yours.
I pay $99/year :v:


Does it come with high ftp? Otherwise not worth it…



Have never heard of the grandfather clause. Why weren’t we informed of this when we signed up?

Because they don’t have to do it - the T&Cs will say something like they reserve the right to alter pricing in the future. It’s basically a goodwill gesture to long term subscribers.


Its not just Yearly subscription that gets grandfathered, Monthly subscription does too.


It must be like an old age buss pass. or heating allowance… lol

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I accidentally let my lapse because my old CC expired. TR was nice enough to bring me back in the fold with the grandfathered price after 2 weeks of lapsed payments.


Same experience for me.

A quick calc shows TR have cost me $0.39 per workout. (I’m guessing that’s even less than the gels consumed during the workouts)

Probaly the cheapest cycling related thing I’ve purchased :+1:


Personally the Grandfather pricing keeps me a subscriber. Think it’s a great gesture by Nate and the crew, long may it continue.


Yeah I am on monthly $12 - I just checked and I can switch to annual $99, which I should probably go ahead and do as I have no intention of cancelling and I’ve been paying an extra $45/year for 5 years now…


Thats a good idea actually for me too

You don’t need to pay annually to be grandfathered

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Let inflation work for you…


The flip side of the coin is that us idiots paying full price are subsidising you free loaders. :thinking: