Living high and Training high (not that kind of high...)

I realize that the ideal is living high and training low (LHTL). I live in Monument Colorado (around 7300 feet of elevation) so best I can do here is sleep on the second floor and train in my basement.

Cannot realistically LHTL but will obviously still train. When riding outside during the weekend I may get to to 6300 feet at colorado springs (will not be a lot of that in the next few months as I am a wimp in the cold). Any other adjustments I should do or should I just not worry about it?

Take a ramp test to adjust your FTP to the higher altitude, eat more, hydrate more, sleep more, recover better, and try higher cadences.

Same boat as you!

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Well my FTP is set for my altitude (been here for 5 years now so pretty adjusted to it) Thanks for all the tips. Thinking it’s fairly ideal to live in high altitude and as mentioned I can’t realistically go to lower alt.

Admittedly this is also a bit of a vanity question on my part. I can’t really go out and train low and during these times of excessive indoor training/racing (ex. zwift). I’d like to think that I (at 7300 ft) would be performing “better” against my sea level counterparts given the same altitude.

I’ve read somewhere that at acclimatized cyclist could lose up to 10% watts at my altitude and (again vanity) that would put me at my dream 4+ watts per kg :). Ultimately that does not stop the need to keep working out and improving but we need some good news every now and then.