Lisfranc fracture recovery - reinventing myself as a cyclist with TR

Hi guys

First of all, thanks for making this wonderful product. As someone who has notions of the science behind training, your adaptive AI driven system is like breaking through a glass ceiling. Great tech! Keep it up!

Anyway… I’ll be using it to reinvent myself as a cyclist while also building myself up from zero after some bad luck and a nasty injury. I’ll be making regular video updates. So if anyone wants to follow along with the process and exchange encouragment, you’re very welcome. The first video is up here: Lisfranc fracture recovery - Building a cyclist ep.1 - YouTube

It’s not a New Year’s resolution. It just happens to coincide with the timeline of the surgeries etc. :smiley:

I’ve set myself the goal of a gravel biking or mountain biking holiday 3 months from now. For that, I’ve chosen to have a training program generated based on the Enduro setting. Let’s see where it goes and how I’ll supplement it with physiotherapy.

Thanks again for creating this service!

Good luck! Lisfranc injuries really suck! Often life altering, as you’re probably coming to learn

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Hi, I’ve got a lis franc injury, have been an on and off cyclist since my 2008 injury, but had a mid foot fusion and some other bits done in Oct last year. I really am limited now in what I can and can’t do, but have decided to pedal again starting Jan 2nd with TR. I’m starting from zero and seeing how both me and my foot respond. So far, a month in and all’s well. Not many of us about! I’ll give your YT vid a watch. Cheers

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Thanks for replying. Feel free to reach out if you want to talk! Mid foot fusion sounds bad. As far as I’m aware this isn’t always needed. What lead to it and how did you get injured?