Light headed the next day after training

\i just started doing trainerroad workouts and

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Hi J, You’ll need to include some more info about this ,for us to reply to :grinning:

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I started the TrainerRoad program in October. On my workout on Oct 22, I felt good after the workout till about 1 hour later and felt a little light headed. I was a little tired the next day but was okay.

My workout on Oct 24, I felt good even though I found it a tough workout. I made sure I had electrolytes during my workout. I had a big drink after my workout and had dinner 20 minutes later. That evening I felt fine. The next day, I felt very groggy and tired and light headed.

I do have a lower blood pressure (96 to 106/56-666) and also tend to have a lower resting heart rate (59 to 68).

Today (Nov 4), I did a recovery workout to try out again and made sure I spent time warming up and cooling down. As it is not a difficult workout, I felt fine.

I was quite surprised that the workouts from my training plan started off with intervals (5 to 10 minutes) over my FTP. Is that normal? I thought the training plan would slowly build up one’s stamina.

Please advise.


I’ve had the same thing in the past. Would feel light headed for hours after and intense workout. For me the solution was in nutrition on the bike. I’ve started taking at least 60 grams of carbs and hour during the ride and that solved it for me. Usually use drink mix (2:1 maltodextrine to fructose) with a pinch of sea salt. But a mix of drink and solid food (I prefer bananas) works just as well.

About the plans, yes. They should ease you into it and certainly not start with heavy above ftp sessions. Not sure what went wrong there but I suggest you contact support and get some help from them.

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Thanks for your feedback.

My workout is only an hour. So I do take toast with almond butter 30 minutes before my workout. I have electrolytes in my water bottle during the workout. It has sodium, magnesium and potassium in it. It is a good brand (Vega) created by an Ironman professional athlete. I don’t like to take Maltodexrine.

Straight after my workout, I take a protein shake (Whey powder) with bananas, blueberries, frozen plums and collegen powder. I also put a little of Meca in the shake. I also would eat something shortly after drinking some of my shake. Usually I will have lunch. I have also starting taking more sea salt (Himalayan sea salt as it also has other minerals) with my meals. As I have lower blood pressure than normal, my doctor said it is fine to do that.

Yes for longer rides (outside), I have taken gels but I don’t see I need that for indoor workouts.


Eat more. You’ll burn through a lot of carbs, especially if you’re at higher effort levels. If you are untrained then your body hasn’t adapted to having larger glycogen stores (for stored glucose) and so the chances are that your blood sugar levels are low. Your brain only uses glucose for fuel so if there’s less of it around then you can feel bit slow, going to rough, going to a full bonk which is when you run out of glucose entirely and it feels like a full falling over, near blackout experience. (cured by eating and resting for 30 minutes)

And a low heart rate is like 40-45. Normal for fit cyclists might be 50. 60 is very normal.

Hi J,
What plan are you doing ,and did you do a ramp test to get an accurate FTP?
Maybe you hadn’t recovered from your Oct 22nd workout and the Oct 24 workout left you feeling very tired.
If you are used to riding steady, the body takes a while to adapt to more intense training.
There are several ways you can tailor your program to suite yourself.
Use plan Builder to create your own plan
Lower the intensity of the session(on bottom left of screen marked “Intensity”) by scrolling the % down from the default 100%. I prefer this one.
Lower your FTP. Not so good as will affect all your sessions , and mor faff to keep changing it.
Have a look at the Train Now, and Adaptive Training options.
You can find info about these on this site and the latest Podcast is good ,and explains Adaptive Training.
If you are a bit unsure, you can speak with the support team who are very helpful.

Apart from that, it sounds like you have good knowledge re nutrition and hydration.
But maybe keep a training diary , and how you felt pre, during and post workout, what and how much you ate and drank afterwards, Also when you had the symptoms (light headed, groggy) and how severe.
Keep us posted how it goes :grinning:

I’ve had the same thing too except mine would be a couple hours after workout. I had it pinned to nutrition as well. Once I started to eat more post workout, it started to go away.