Levels Question

Having listened to the recent podcast and read the blog articles I love the idea of Levels and the incremental increase in intensity and effort for each subsequent workout.

I have just finished a training block (General Build Low Volume) and am ready for a ftp test.

After that I intend to either utilise the new Train Now functionality or choose my own workouts from the every increasing choice.

My question is, how do I know what level I am at?

I can see the levels that I have been achieving in the Build Phase block of work at that FTP , but after a ramp test and hopefully an increase in threshold power my levels will presumably be lower.

So how do I choose my own workout without knowing my new levels?


Maybe use TrainNow for a few workouts, and see where it puts you add, and go from there?

stick to level 3 - 5

If ramp test gives no change or small change in FTP then I’d start with levels you’ve been doing recently (and then follow progression in new plans…e.g. add 0.5 to level each week or whatever). If larger change in FTP then just follow the new plans.

The important thing here is progression.

So lets say, you’re beginning a new block - just find a level to start with that is not too high, and make sure the onward weeks, you add levels for the workouts.