FTP increase Correlation to Progression Level

Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere.
Most are aware that when doing the Ramp Test that progress past the 19.30 minute mark will deliver an increase in FTP.
Is there a similar point with Progression levels where it correlates to an increased FTP. For arguments sake above say 7.0 in Threshold or VO2.

Thanks in advance

I think it will depend entirely on the individual. Some folks who are really good at VO2 Max or Anaerobic efforts may regularly be a 6 or a 7 in that zone but their FTP won’t change at all. And some folks who are really good at sweet spot and threshold may be able to do workouts in the 8 to 9 range by extending time to exhaustion without functionally increasing FTP. As such, I don’t think there is a one size fits all for the question you’re asking but more thinking critically about your recent performances and if you think it is time to retest.

And in any case, you have to use Plan Builder for AT to work to the fullest extent at the moment, so you’ll be asked to do ramp tests at the beginning of each block just like you would with the static plans.

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I know I heard Nate suggest a level 10 sweet spot may indicate a need to raise FTP, in my case that wasn’t happening (which is fine). I’m currently a level 6.2 vo2 at the end of build and again I don’t really feel like my FTP has changed. But I feel I’m at a point with my training that I don’t really think I have a lot of upward growth potential in FTP, it’s really about just getting better in different energy systems for various riding purposes.

  • For clarity, he was talking “in general” about possible things to notice related to PL’s. He was not making any claim as to a TR feature that would detect and/or update your FTP automatically based upon Progression Levels.

They have talked about possible FTP prediction and detection, but that is a WELL down the road and not promised in any way.


true, I was just talking about my own RPE and not feeling like my own FTP had gone up even after completing the level 10 sweet spot stuff. I’ve kept my FTP at 290 most of 2021 and I feel like it’s set in a good place and I’m neither overreaching targets or undercooking

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Thanks everyone for your input.
Obviously with AT being highly individualised, everyone’s situation will be different.
Chad was correct in my question being about a general correlation, the same as the 19.30 mark on the Ramp test.


So you are saying I should go bother Ivy about this in the AT thread?


Mos Def!!! :wink: