Let's see your paincave!

He wants to keep cool as well.


We moved into a new house in the fall and it had an extra deep, two car garage so we decided to build out a garage gym. Not pictured is a 5#-50# set of dumbbells, a 75# sandbag, jump ropes, TRX bands, and some mobility equipment (bands, Hypervolt, etc). We love the setup and the only real changes we’ve made are some minor changes to the rack and hanging the clock.


For those who are interested, these are the final two pieces, completing the set of four. Now I need to source a decent gilcee or screen printer to output them. Friends birthday and Christmas presents sorted for a few years. Hope they like cycling… :joy:



Our baby is nearing the age where he’ll sleep in the crib in his own room and so it was decided the old paincave would be converted to baby cave (oh the sacrifices we make)

So I was tasked with setting up in the garage. This isn’t it’s final form. I think i’d like to replace the music stand and shelf with a single work table. I definitely need two screens but certainly not two laptops so perhaps a laptop with an external monitor or tv.

Edit: to note the AC. Definitely needed during the summer months in Southern Ontario. I’m not sure how I’ll fare in the winter. I’ll definitely need some sort of heater. What’s the consensus on the ideal temperature range? I know that starting out cold feels uncomfortable for about a few minutes before your body warms up but just wondering what I need to be aiming for. Anyone else in a similar climate in an uninsulated garage in the winter?


I’ve got myself an Chinese diesel heater noted else where on this forum. My garage hits 0’c in the winter often, so heater on for about 30 minutes gets the temperature up to around 10’c, which is good enough for me. Seem to remember the consensus with discussions on this before was basically HTFU :wink:
I tell myself cold is good, mentally I visualise thicker air, more fuel for your body per inhale!
Even at 10’c it gets cold due to the fans chill factor :snowflake: :snowflake:

I use an oil-filled electric heater in my garage. Can set the temp and forget. Just enough to keep the extreme chill off. My garage is insulated, but is where I would start even if it was not.

Unless its super cold in your garage (which in Ontario might be a real issue) I think you can easily get away with just wearing a light jacket or long sleeve shirt during the warm up. You will heat up the garage by several degrees and you can just turn the fans down. I’ve done workouts outdoors when it was in the 30s (F) and other than the being a little chilly during the warm up I was fine during the workout.

You can definitely be too cold though so maybe if it’s below 20 or 25 then I would look for ways to warm it up a little.

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I’m sure not comparable to your cold, but in my unheated shed in the mountains of Ireland, I just layer up to start, and strip off as my body temp goes up. That’s done me ok down to an outside temp of -5 or 6 Celsius.

I do have oil filled heaters, with timers, but I ended up only using them when I was doing strength and conditioning out there. Now I don’t do S&C (must add that to the list of what TrainerRoad recommends that I don’t do), and I don’t use the heaters for the bike.

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Sorry for spamming this thread up :man_facepalming: but I’m really enjoying the creative zone I’ve managed to get myself into and I’m also very grateful for all of the positive feedback :grin: :+1:

Decided to go back to my cycling roots on this one and play in the dirt. Nice to change the focus as well.



sorry, which chinese diesel heater did you get?

I’m in Ontario and will be moving my bike/trainer to my garage this year! thinking whether I’ll be able to cope with the cold…

I ordered one of these from ebay, 12v Air diesel heater 5kw It’s not the original link of the one I ordered but looks exactly the same. It’s done me well for two winters, I fire it up through the summer once or twice to ensure it continues to work and too stop anything clogging up… I also fitted a smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector just in case, neither have ever gone off!

There are plenty of setups/reviews on Youtube, think I remember seeing a permanent garage wall installations for it.

A little update as I swapped out a H3 for a Neo 2T. While the H3 was being replaced under warranty for a clicking noise I bought the Neo.

Now I need to sell the H3 when I get it next week. I am lucky to have my older Trek on the trainer permanently along with the MP1 and a lifeline trainer table. Do Zwift on an old Panasonic plasma and run it with a just as old IMAC.


How is the MP1?

Love it and would never go back to static. Before I would ride 1.5 hours and now 3+ no problem. The H3/MP1 was already good and one ride in with N2T/MP1 is feels even better.

It is a lot of $$ but got it 20% off during rei sale. I could have build a rocker but did not want the aggravation and it would not be like this.


There’s a whole other thread for rocker plates but this DIY one costs maybe $20 in material and 1-2 hours to build. I put polyurethane on mine to preserve the wood from sweat.


new addition – Concept2 SkiErg


Clicked on the article and thought “huh weird I’m surprised this article wasn’t written by @mcneese.chad since this seems like his pet project” then realized that it’s all about his plans and video


:rofl: Yup, that’s my baby alright. Eric and I had been in discussion about rockers since he sold the Co-Plate ones in the US for a short time. He offered to share my post and it went from there.

Hard to believe it’s almost 3 year since I posted that. But it worked and did what I wanted, jump start trainer motion exposure. It’s widely known, even for those that don’t want it, and we are seeing more expansion from small builders along with steps from the big guys too. More to go yet, but it’s all headed in the right direction :smiley:


Yes have at that building and I am sure it works as well. As I said I am happy with what I have and will never have to mess with it.

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It was even easier for me since my dad was the one with the wood shop and some time on his hands to make it! Ha! It works great to add just enough natural motion for longer trainer rides. Did several 3+ hour rides several months ago with no issue.

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