Let's see your paincave!

Did you do anything for A/C and/or heat?

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Not at this stage. The climate here (regional Victoria, Australia) is pretty temperate. Winters aren’t too cold, most mornings get down to 1 or 2 degrees celcius, with the odd morning down at -2 or -3 celcius, but I run pretty hot on the bike so that doesn’t faze me - just wear a flannel shirt for the warm-up but it never lasts too long.

Summers are the potential issue. It gets pretty hot here, consistent days above 35 degrees celcius, with plenty into the 40s. If it gets too hot in there I’ll look at cutting in a vent in the ceiling, but hopefully I’m spending most of my time on the road over summer rather than in the cave.


I put some foil backed ceiling insulation in, so I’m curious to see how that impacts the temperature in the cave. We don’t have any ceiling insulation in our house (cathedral ceilings - look amazing, not great for energy efficiency), so I’m hoping the cave is alright in comparison.

Question is, where do you hide the guitar?

Do you mean where I hide them(?), or why they were hidden in the photos? :stuck_out_tongue:

either, both, pick one!
Glad to see you apply the N=N+1 equation to the guitars, too. Evidence to use in further arguments with SWMBO

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Haha, didn’t have any wider lens so I had to pick, either show more guitars or sacrifice balance in the photo :wink:

Well, one has to be able to have some toys right… Plus its mandatory to have an acoustic if one owns an electric…

SO plays guitar and we just got her a bike this week, so she’s on a good path, haha!

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Being furloughed due to COVID has certainly ensured that I have time on my hands. In an effort to be productive, I’ve been tweaking the garage Paincave that both my wife and I use.

I’ve also been trying to put my skills as a designer to use, creating some bespoke wall artwork. Think I’ve got the first of the set completed.


Old school Yeti ARC in the corner?

Certainly is my friend. 2008 ARC. I love that bike.

Nice poster art !! :+1:

Thank you buddy :grin:

I’m looking to do a series of posters based on famous cycling quotes. Might even look into getting them screen printed.


sign me up!

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Thank you for the support :+1:

I’ll look to share more when I’m in a solid position and I’ve gauged peoples reaction to the artwork.


For those even slightly interested in what a furloughed designer does with an idle mind… here is the second instalment in my cycling quote series :grin:


I’d buy that! Looks great!

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Great work again - I like the style ! :ok_hand:t2:

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That reminded me of a paragraph from an article about that phrase…

“We are not weighed down by the weight of our wheels, our seat post, or our shoes, but by the limitations of our heart, lungs, legs and diet. Reducing aerodynamic drag by three percent or wearing bib shorts made from a single sheet of graphene will have little effect. No amount of upgrades are going to improve the reflection in that shop front.”

I’d buy a mirror with that etched on it🤣


I work for DHHS. Lets hope the new restrictions get us out of the mess we’re now in… :frowning:

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here is my little Pain Cave in my Living Room:

when i am in high intervals, my dog sitting down in front of my Headwind!

normally he follow every command, but in high intervals i almost cry with him :rofl: :joy:


Thank you :+1: :grin: