Let's see your paincave!

A man of culture :hushed:


Think we were all waiting for @mcneese.chad to mention rocker plates :joy:


Indoor Outdoor Setup

Standing Laptop stand on top of Ikea Applaro table with my gaming laptop.

Surprisingly the bike’s front wheel fits underneath the table perfectly, no need to get the Wahoo table anymore.


That looks like an animal been hit by a car, it just needs to be put down…


I’m slowly growing a pain jungle. Trying to bring the outside, inside. It’s very calming to look at.




What are those floor mats? They look nice and beefy

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Honestly wish I could tell you! I started building out my garage gym just before the pandemic hit the states (January 2020; great coincidence on my end) and began by picking up flooring, weights, and an old squat rack (swapped out for the Sorinex Off-Grid a few months later) all on OfferUp from one person. Sorry for not being more helpful!

Looks like the 101 garage gym flooring option of 17mm horse stall mats.
Sadly they became very expensive and hard to come by here in the UK after the pandemic


I could be wrong but they look like stall mats to me:

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Look like stall mats from tractor supply or northern tool.

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3 car garage turned paincave!


very nice and love the flags.

Still stuck with the elite direto. Haven’t decided if I want to upgrade to something better yet.


Unless there is an issue with your direto, I would say stay with it. Nothing I’ve seen from any of the trainer companies is really that revolutionary. I only sold my gen1 Kickr back in December because I moved to a Stages SB20 so that my wife and I could share it.


the direto is mostly fine. It’s 3 years old. It has a lag changing resistance of up to 10 seconds but honestly that doesn’t bother me that much. I had to replace the belt recently which was a bit of a PITA. but overall it’s been fine. I need to do another comparison of its power numbers vs my assioma pedals to make sure they’re pretty close. Based on workouts since belt change I think it’s pretty close to accurate. So I’ll probably stick with it for awhile. I don’t want to shell out $1400 for a tacx neo. If I go back to using Zwift more I may want to go to wahoo with their climb or maybe by that time elite’s rizer will drop in price


FWIW if you do spend on the neo you won’t be disappointed unless you are deep into online racing. I think others rate more highly. That said, I’ve had a neo for 3 years and it’s amazing.

I’m sure I’d love the neo. I’d just have a hard time justifying it with most weeks me being on the trainer for a couple hours. But who knows.

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Not sure how often it happens but just FYI I was able to pick up a Neo 2t for $1k on sale from BikeTiresDirect a few months back. I also have a direto. The Neo is a little smoother and much quiet (honestly insane how quiet it is) but my wife likes the Neo better so I still use the Direto and don’t miss the difference. Honestly just used to the Direto more - the magnetic flywheel in the Neo is a little weird and it spins down much quicker than the direto. So it’s great for frequent on/off workouts but it gets in the way a little bit if you need to coast for a few seconds. My Neo spins down too fast honestly…maybe there’s a setting somewhere I need to change.