Let's see your paincave!

Nice setup. just need some entertainment to put on the screen :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Lol premier league soccer got me through 3.5hrs today, it really is great for the weekend rides

Added some little trees for holiday decor, sorry can’t do this one drive side out


Finally was able to snag a Neo Bike and love, love, love it. Going to replace my N2T and Saris Rocker as I wanted to simplify my setup mainly.

Went for a 10 min ride on Zwift earlier and doing a TR workout tomorrow. Way smoother and quieter bike that was on the 2T due to no bike chain and shifting noises.

Happy camper for sure and now to put the year old 2T, Saris MP1 and possibly my trainer bike up for sale.



Look forward to your Neo bike review. I so want one!

Thanks and will update in a few weeks to give it a good go compared to my N2T.

Initial impressions though are really great mainly due to no sound not having a chain and shifting noises. It is definitely built like a tank as well.

And I did get pretty lucky as I ordered last week from REI and got it this week.

Go Hawks! Good looking setup


Yeah Hawks. Better not trade Russell Wilson


I’ve still got a lot to do, including painting and some trim on the exterior. Then I’ll be building some cabinets and a wardrobe/closet for all my kit and I’ve got to hang my spare wheel sets… New bench mount work stand is in the mail… But it’s usable!!! I tried to think through everything that I’d want in a space. I’ve wired in some switches and outlets just next to the trainer, so that I can flip on separate fans without having to get out of the saddle. Windows were placed to give me a ton of airflow and a view over the property. R19 insulation keeps it at about 45 degrees overnight when the outside temps have been in the low 20’s although I do have a small space heater and air conditioner if needed. It feels really nice to have a place dedicated to bikes!!!



Awesome! Is the shed part of a pre-manufactured kit and/or design, or did you design and build it from scratch?

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I’d patent your design for what looks like a bona fide TARDIS - looks tiny from the outside pics yet there’s two bikes along the wall! :thinking: :laughing:

PS nice side view out of the window: helps make indoor rides feel more like outdoor rides… :+1:


Completely built from scratch, and designed mostly in my head. I kept the dimensions rather small at 8’x12’ largely to save on material costs(sheet goods are 4’x8’ standard, so by keeping it to multiples of that, you reduce waste). I was very careful with my orientation, so that the front wall faces directly South, to capture some of the morning sun in the Winter. In the Summer, the window and door will be shaded by the overhang of the roof as the sun is higher in the Summer. Additionally, it sits directly below a large oak tree, and several pines to help shade it. All said and done, I’m about $3700 into the build, and that was with splurging a bit on some of the materials such as the Cedar interior, under floor insulation, and higher quality Jeld-Wen windows.


Getting the bikes up above the counter was the least intrusive way I could think to mount them. Otherwise they’re taking up a ton of the very limited 90 sq ft of floor space. I’m really happy with the mounts that I’ve got fab’d up to hold them. With all my bikes running power meters, I wasn’t sold on the idea of supporting them via the pedals, so after hours of digging around, I was able to piece together this solution. The arms are flexible, so they’re adjustable to different bikes. The clamp itself has a “hook” to it, so truly they’re supported without clamping them, but a quick turn of the thumb-screw is extra peace of mind.


I’ll post an update as I get it more dialed, and the exterior buttoned up!


Thanks for sharing!!

This is mega! :ok_hand:t2:

We’ve been working on our new basement for months. Is nearing completion. Here is where we started. And where we are now. We are still waiting on a new treadmill which will be the last piece of major equipment for a while. The peloton bike+ is a nice filler for a 30 minute workout when I need to unwind, but most of the time is spent on the Kickr with TrainerRoad.


Wow, that before and after difference - are you sure you didn’t just buy a new house with a ready-made training room? I would definitely be motivated to go down to the “new” basement to do my workouts. Great job!


Incredible effort there. Nicely done.

Really great job - looks amazing :+1:t2:

Where does the power come from?

Thanks - clearing out all the old stuff was quite the rewarding process. That alone was worth the whole effort. Once we get the treadmill will work on cleaning up cords and such. Now I just need to get my AT beta access to really make use of it :slight_smile: