Let's see your paincave!

Absolutely agree! I was cooking 90 minutes today, Galena +1 with no fans. Heat Adaption I guess.
Honestly I guess the none existing cooling is holding me back quite a bit.

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This is where the hurting takes place:


Sure, I’m over 50… but I’m still willing to be adopted into a loving household (with a paincave like that!!)

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Did I renovate my basement just to improve the pain cave? This is the question I ask myself occasionally. Added a full bath directly next to it as well.


Added a full bar directly next to it as well.

Fixed that for you :wink:



I moved to this house 2 weeks ago… still need to make some changes but I really like it (views of the ocean are nice!)


I love this setup :ok_hand:t2:

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New flooring is essential, treadmill, rollers to be set up. Weight plates and extra kettlebells due over next couple of weeks. Major extension in the planning so the space will be improved sometime this and next year.

Little helper in pic 2 prepping for her workout. It’s half a double garage in Scotland.


NOT my pain cave, but this is epic!

Training is tough to fit around a busy work schedule, but I’ve figured out how to make it happen. I either train early or I train in my truck. Yes, that’s right: in my truck. Trucks have lots of room inside, so I got rid of passenger seat and put my Wahoo trainer in there, and I do my intervals while my truck gets unloaded.


You win.

Not mine… but yeah this dude wins forever…

Or rather that dude… (not me).

Hotel Paincave for the next 2 weeks! Be a lot easier if I were a runner.