Let’s see some Tri/TT rigs

Regrettably, not really (except being mostly black). I briefly looked into getting stickers to basically palette-swap my bike to match my club kit (black and green instead of black and blue); FLO makes it easy with decal packs, but Canyon does not. :frowning_face:

Really raw (no matching tires, disc rotors and the bike is dirty), but super excited about this one! :heart_eyes:

The Wheel is a Revolver Troika MAX, mine weighs in at 866g (850g claimed). Set up with this training set up it is 1,271g, which included a SRAM Red Disc Rotor, Center Lock Ring, new Pirelli PZero Clincher 26c (which fit very well with the overall width), and Challenge Latex innertube.



Upgrade to this in 2020. Still yet to race on it! Hopefully at the end of the year


Is that a 3d-printed toolbox under the Elite Crono bottle?

Sure is. There’s a supplier in Germany that I brought it from. Specially made for the trinity

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It looks pretty neat. Is it the Radsport Ibert box? I’m building up my Trinity TT and was looking for something like this. Expensive, but how well is it made and would you recommend it?

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Yup that’s the one. Build is about an 8/10. Worth it I think.

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Is this for TT or Tri (or both)? I’m considering purchasing the wattshop scoops/arm rests and am curious about being able to get a BTA bottle between for long distance tri.

The bike is for sub 1hr TT. For me, the space between the bars would be much too little for a bottle…


Thank you. You may have just lightened my wallet by a few €

I like sporting courses better but if I can I’d like a sub 1h 25miler too, similarly my bars are pretty narrow. I like the watt shop ones you have. Mine are just aerocoach poles with cheap elbow pads, I think I could do with angled ones.

Because I haven’t got a sub 1h (or even sub 50min :hushed:) it restricts my ability to get onto the really fast courses to do so. I did manage a sub hour 25miler last September but lol, I went wrong at the start and whilst my last 25miles was bang on target, with the muck up at the start officially I am just over the hour.

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You got the TroikaMax! I just bailed on my pre-order spot due to some other financial obligations, but looking forward to get your take on it.

After 1 ride, I can say the wheel feels super fast and stiff/ comfortable enough. It is however a little twitchy in gusty winds. I‘ll see about that in upcoming rides.


Haven’t ride it yet…


Debating about keeping the wheels reflectors just to fuck up with people… Let them judge me! Haha


Please tell me you are putting a disc on that bad boy for races…

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Once I recover from the literal hit (by my wife) of the initial cost…

But yes… It’s on the plans…

Something to consider… Where can I put reflectors on a disc wheel?


See the image above for answers :sweat_smile:


3M ScotchLite tape trim and position as the reflector on your spoked wheel currently…

Sweet ride, but LOVE the poster!

Nice to see another Andean in the mix! I hope you have the right weather for a first test flight soon.

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