LEL (london edinburgh london) 2022

Packed my bag drop contents in my LEL 13 drop bags. I will be able to just move contents over to LEL 22 drop bags on Saturday.

Basic pre event stuff now. Cut nails , hair clippers on charge …


I just cannot believe this north wind will stay all week. It will probably switch to SW as soon as we turn.


Its been jumping between SW and WSW the last few days in the London to Peterborough corridor the last few day’s and really strong; looks like its finally easing but swapping to have a northerly element over the next week :neutral_face:

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Yeah I have been looking on met office, that Northerly is basically gone now.

Just been through and looked at the forecast winds at my rough estimate timings for each control. Looks like a fairly stiff (but not ridiculous) SW on the first part of the southbound journey on Tuesday, but apart from that it all looks fairly benign. Met Office only goes out to Wednesday, BBC has the wind swinging to a moderate NE breeze (13mph) on Thursday which would be great, but it’s too far out to really mean anything.


(those end times are just really rough estimates, I am not setting much by them…)

It does look like it could be quite hot coming back into the South East on Thursday though, up to 28 degrees. Fortunately the longest leg is 91k and there should be plenty of water stops.


Yeah looking like hot return once we hit fens. More crucially no cloud cover and thus direct sunlight which is always much hotter than shaded temps you see in forecast. Temps will be mid 30s in sun.

Think I’ll pack my leg coolers and fresh shorts in my Malton bag drop. Then if heat and clear skies still forecast I will change into those for final leg.

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Yep, I think I will put a white jersey into my Hessle drop. My club jerseys have black arms and side panels which isn’t ideal, even though I’d like to be flying the colours…

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Do you know Saltsticks? They are chewable salt tablets. Have had good experience with them when regular electrolytes just weren’t enough. You can get them from Holland and Barrett.


I picked up some Precision Hydration electrolyte capsules for the hot days. Amazon do them. They are blister packed so easy stored and accessed. I used them for the Cape Epic and they worked well for me

Worth having for the times when Church yard taps and water is all you have

I got some electrolyte tabs off Wiggle during the heat wave (as was paranoid about another one during LEL…). Unfortunately they are in a plastic bottle and during my test ride last night they rattled really annoyingly! Think I’ll be decanting them into a sandwich bag.

My drink mix has electrolytes too obviously but if it’s properly hot I probably don’t have enough mix (and might need more electrolytes anyway).

Yes I doubt I will have enough mix/ electrolyte tabs for every bottle if it gets hot so the capsule are a good back up… I think I would be bagging if I was you 5 days of rattling key get to you eventually :grinning:

Yes I found that being low in salt is one reason for nausea when I ride. The electrolytes in drink mix are clearly sometimes not enough.

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Deadline extended to 128hr 20 mins…

That feels like a lot for the extra 40k but hey ho!

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I’m not changing my plan because of the extra time. But it is quite nice that I now have the option of sleeping at home in Cambridge and then heading to the finish the next day, all cleaned up.

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I foolishly entered the 100hour… still waiting for some extra time too :weary:

the Extra time takes it to 12kph which is the actual Audax time regulation. I think there were comments about how LEL wasn’t aligned to the standard


I actually think 100hr might be doable, I just don’t think the lack of sleep will agree with me and I’ll need to take longer sleep stops.

I haven’t changed my plan at all - the plan times I put above are finger in the air stuff anyway, I’m just going to ride. It’s the sleep I’m worried about, not the distance or climbing.

In a few days we will know the answers to all our questions :grinning:

All the best out there and hope you have a great experience… even if it is truly Type 2 fun!


Salted peanuts or crisps will do the job. There’s enough shops and pubs along the route to get some if you need.

It is worked out off the minimum speed being 12 km/h. 40 km / 12 km/h = 3 hours 20 mins.

I’m going to ride as though it’s still a 125 hour time limit, and if I really really need the extra 3 hours 20 mins it’s in my back pocket to be deployed. Perhaps taking longer and more frequent rests to cool down if suffering in heat on final legs.

Well? How did it go? I finished in 109 h, if I calculated correctly (my mind is a bit gone). The route was fantastic and had great company on the ride.