Legacy Pricing Update

There are three pricing options to pick from when following the link in the email.

You get the same features no matter what you pick.

The feature chart was simply explaining how much the product has improved since you locked in your original price.


Thanks @Nate_Pearson .
The timing of this is tough. I get it and want to pay more - but it has come at worst time for me personally. Lower income, huge financial pressures and as a result using TR a lot less.
I’m hoping to be able to pay my way more in the future so welcome the future option of moving from Legacy to loyalty discount.
Thanks for your approach Nate - so refreshing, honest and inspiring.


No. You will lose nothing. All features remain regardless of your choice.

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I am still not sure what the hell I am going to be charged. Nonetheless,
I would like to support you, TR employees and others to use the platform.

Charge le

Pretty much been here day 2 or 3. Thanks for making me fit and fast.

I am not sure if I am getting the discount for paying for my the sub up front? I am going to do nothing and assume that allows you all to charge whatever in the hell it is you need to charge.

Did Nate say Fuck? I’d pay extra for more of that as well.


No probs
It’s been a long time coming and I still think huge value for the best product on the market

Keep up the good work


Yes seed funding at this stage would seem very sensible and if interest to lots of people

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It seems like an unpopular opinion here, but I have no intention of losing my legacy pricing for the time being. From a loyalty perspective, I believe I’m giving TR more money in the long run by staying subscribed indefinitely which I do purely and entirely because of my legacy pricing. I’m not really motivated by loyalty, as many forum users are who seem to be really bought into the personality and brand of TR as a company. It’s purely a pragmatic decision for me and legacy pricing is what prevents me from exploring other training platforms, like Zwift, which are similarly priced to the current TR price but offer a different set of benefits.

If I was ever forced to pay the current full price for TR, I’m not sure I would use it year round and would probably take breaks when I wasn’t using it frequently enough, therefore likely pay less overall than I do now. I would also possibly end up moving to a different platform although I would have to do some comparison shopping before deciding in that case. I love TR but it’s not the only game in town.


That’s great we can opt in later @Nate_Pearson. Layoffs at my wife’s company this past week have affected us and we are going down an income in the house. You can understand we are looking over any and all expendable costs,

Thanks for giving the option and flexibility on an individual basis.


I’d be down.

Sparktoro did something unique for raising funds.

So after evaluating how little I use TR during the prime outside months and doing the math earlier this year, I realized that a yearly subscription was a waste of money for me and changed my sub to monthly and plan to let it lapse in May until next Nov.

But I realized the other day I am gonna lose AIFTP…that alone may make me switch back to a yearly sub.


Of course! We totally respect that choice, and you’ll still have the same features and great support from us. Thanks for supporting us for so long.


You’ll increase as we do price raises in the future. And if you choose the 15% discount, you’ll have 15% off the current price.


Not at all! We appreciate your support in any way.

I’ve seen a few people say they feel “guilty” for staying on legacy. Please don’t; we still appreciate you. If you want to ease your guilt, tell a few cycling friends about TR :-D.

We grow mostly from word of mouth, and spreading the word about TR is a great way to help!


If you choose to stay on legacy we’ll have an option if you want to change that later.


Fucking thank you either way :smiley:


Yes, for sure. We have other big features coming out before that, though.

That’s a bug! We’ll get that fixed. You won’t actually be charged that much, it’s just a display bug.


I was under the impression they were adding sales tax for the current pricing in the U.S? If so why would CA be exempt. And by CA I mean California. :slight_smile:

Hi Nate,

When I clicked on the link and selected the annual year on of 15% increase, it still shows $189 in TR.
Instead of $160, currently in the $129 legacy group.

Switched back to the $129 and it shows that.
Anyone else have this issue?

There is no “U.S. sales tax,” every state is different. Nate posted this “tax map” on another thread how sales tax is collected by state: Sales Tax & Automatic Invoice Generation