Legacy Pricing Update

Well, my sub is up in Sept, and I just started a planned base-build-spesh cycle for the first time in ?4 years (been using TrainNow or just picking workouts otherwise) Burnt out on the plans before, so this is my first time using adaptive etc.

I’ll decide on my payment strategy after I see if my FTP goes up :wink:

edit: just looked back, did a brief plan in early 2020. FTP peaked 2017-8. Been 10ish% off since then

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Been riding since 2003 and on TR since 2014. My Kickr + TR have been the best investments I have ever made in the cycling side of my life.

The two combined have kept me in the game while juggling both Dad life and career. I honestly think I’d be a couch potato without it.

Happy to pay a little more given all the value I’ve gotten out of TR over the years.


Thanks for all the excellent work you do at TR :blush:
For now, I have opted to keep to the original pricing. This is because I’m not currently using TR to train. In the winter I have issues with my immune system and have to switch to mostly Z2 training. However, following blood tests I have been told to double my dose of Vitamin D. That was 5 weeks ago and I’m already seeing positive results.
I’ve also cleaned up my diet for the new year, vastly reducing processed foods and have stopped using training as an excuse to eat rubbish.It turns out Jonathan is right. Just take on board what you need to fuel the workout and training is instantly better quality.
So for now I view my TR subscription as contribution to an excellent podcast. I am working towards being able to sustain TR and once that happens I will gladly pay the extra price.
Thanks for such a positive and client friendly approach @Nate_Pearson :grinning:


Rounding error? :rofl:

Absolutely, enjoy, while the rest of us subsidize your TR usage and the new features. :wink: Clearly this request to users is indicative that TR - @Nate_Pearson is struggling with the higher costs in today’s world in terms of paying wages and the technology costs to continue to improve the product.

The question you should ask yourself is if paying a bit more a year is worth keeping TR going or perhaps you don’t care if it goes out of business and the platform is no longer available for use?


I am trying to leave this topic to TR reps, but some animosity is starting to show and I caution people to remember the forum guidelines. I already flagged one post for review as it seems like an attack to me, and the one immediately adjacent is also questionable to me.

Let’s play nice and keep respect for one another, please :slight_smile:


I deleted my first post, it was a little too snarky. However, I believe my second post is valid commentary as a user concerned about seeing TR continuing to improve as fast as possible and stay viable.

And as a side note, given the amount of time you spend on the forum, @Nate_Pearson should give you a free membership in exchange for that effort.

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Prett sure that’s an error. :flushed:

As a user that is locked into the 99$ annual plan. I will pay the 189$. I won’t even take the 15% discount. I’ve already enjoyed years of a great product at a great value.

I understand sometimes we say things that we regret later, especially when it starts “I will never…” I am willing to forget that statement. The price increase is just about 8$ a month and most spend that in coffee or a beer.


For me, the alternative to keeping my legacy pricing isn’t biting the bullet and paying full price - it’s checking out the competition or maybe even dusting off my old copy of Friel and making my own training plans. Arguably I’m helping to keep TR viable by keeping my legacy pricing and staying subscribed indefinitely.


I’m at the $99 price point and entering professional school, so with the reduced income I’m going to stick with the legacy pricing for now. At this level, I will subscribe indefinitely. I also don’t use any other apps like Zwift, TP, etc. If TR comes out with merch, I would happily buy a jersey, stickers, socks, etc. I just don’t want to lock myself into a higher unknown price when my income will be severely reduced for 4 years.


“I’ve already enjoyed years of a great product at a great value.”

I think this is a beautiful comment on a complex and emotional topic (money/finances).

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These things sound good in practice but usually way, way more hassle for the company than it’s worth.


Please do.

Totally agree. Once you decide that you should probably pay more than 99$ at some point then it’s between 15% off and regular price. Which amounts to almost nothing. I don’t want to be a chump but I use something from TR darn near every day so 50 cents per day or whatever still seems pretty cheap.


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I’m not sure what this is, but I forwarded it to the team to check in on. They will either email you or message you back on the forum.

I’ll jump in here as one of the $99 users, I appreciate the work by the entire TR team and Nate’s message on the options. I haven’t been through this whole thread but will add one point on my decision. That’s the currency, TR is billed in USD only, and at the new rate it comes to ~$23 AUD / month + plus some foreign currency conversion fees. So my decision isn’t solely based on the value of TR, but also the cost in a non-USD currency. It would be interesting to hear if there is consideration for fees in other currencies that are more on par with the USD price.

Again, thanks @Nate_Pearson and crew, always happy to be a supporter in some capacity.

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This is a bug and the apps aren’t displaying the discounted price properly. I’ve passed this along to engineering and we’ll have it squashed soon.

We’ve got you on the 15% option. You can verify you’re on the 15% discount from the Account Information page on web. Shoot me a DM if you’d like to adjust this and I’ll be happy to help.

Thank you for your support and for the heads up with this! :grinning:

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Thanks a lot, look forward to many more years of training

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Will there be a way to ‘opt out’ of the original legacy price and move to the full or 15% off at a later time? I recall some mention of the this in the thread, but not a definitive conclusion. Even if this is a “file a ticket” because it is a low frequency thing I think that would be good option to have and make people aware of.

I really appreciate your integrity and candor in handling your commitment to not raise prices.