Legacy Pricing Update

Hey everyone! Long time no talk.

At the veeerrryy beginning of TR (2010), I promised our beta users that they could lock into a price, and their price would stay the same as long as I was CEO (I can’t control stuff when I’m not).

Back then, I literally thought we’d have a total of 5,000 athletes, pull in a 50k/month split between a few people, and we’d be set for life!

Well, TR got a tiny bit bigger than that :wink: and we now have 92 employees! :tada:

Over the years, we’ve done price raises as we’ve made TR better and to keep up with inflation. But this entire time, we’ve been kneecapped by a promise I made back in 2010 that I didn’t fully understand the ramifications of. :upside_down_face:

Years ago, we even tried to do what many SAAS companies do by raising prices without giving notice, and we had pitchforks at our door. So we rolled it back and gave people a week to lock in.

It’s now 2023. We have inflation and significant economic pressure on us (I think you’ve seen what the other companies in the industry have done). We’ve always been a financially conservative company. We haven’t taken investment, and we haven’t overextended ourselves.

For us to stay viable and succeed as a company, we’re going to set everyone to the same current price (monthly or yearly) but still keep my promise by letting people opt out of the price change or choose a 15% perpetual discount.

Choices for Athletes on Legacy Pricing:

  • Do nothing: Pay the current price at your next billing period
  • Opt-out: Perpetual 15% discount
  • Opt-out: Stay on your legacy pricing

We’ll have a year-long grace period to opt out that starts from your first billing date at the higher price. This gives you at least one year to opt out and keep your legacy pricing.

Legacy Monthly Pricing Example

  • Jan 1st - You paid $15
  • Jan 6th - Email goes out about updated pricing
  • Jan 13th - Legacy updated pricing takes effect
  • You do no action
  • Feb 1st - You get charged $19.95 (Current TR price)
  • If you missed the notice, you’d have until Feb 1, 2024 (1 year after your first price increase) to choose to stay on legacy or choose to get a 15% discount.

We’ve decided on the opt-out because a lot of people (tens of thousands in our estimation) don’t mind paying an extra $5/month or so.

But we also want to recognize that there is inflation/economic pressure, and any price change can be too much for some people. We want them to still be able to use TR.

And some people can pay more but want to have the honored promise, and I think I’m still keeping it this way by not forcing anyone to pay more.

I also think the year-long grace period to opt out is enough time for someone to see the change and take action. And even if you go a bit longer than a year before you notice, message me directly, and we’ll talk.

You can stay on your legacy price.

I want to be crystal clear that everyone who wants/needs to stay on legacy pricing can do so (and they have over a year from today to do it).

If anyone sees wrong information shared about this on the internet (including here on the TR forum), we’d be grateful if you could help us correct it.

I also want to put the change in perspective. Most legacy athletes will see a $5/month (33%) increase.

The 33% sounds scary, but it’s not that bad when you find out it’s $5.

We have some people who love to hate us, and I think they will concentrate on the percentage, not the actual amount, when discussing this.

If ya’ll see this, we’d be grateful if you put it in perspective.

But! I want to acknowledge for some people (especially in foreign countries), this could be too big of a burden. That’s why everyone can keep their legacy pricing if they want. We’re not forcing anyone.

Regardless of your choice, I want to thank everyone for supporting TrainerRoad over the years.

Emails go out tomorrow with a link to opt-out. It then goes into effect one week later, on Jan 13th.

Note: We’re also going to start charging sales tax in US and Canada where required by law. We have a forum post about it here.


Stupid question.

Does this apply to yearly paying members?

I believe he answers this above


Thanks. I watched the video and didnt read the post… or at least not all of it :man_facepalming:




Still one of the best bang for your buck fitness apps out there, easily.

Kudos for letting people stay grandfathered on the legacy pricing. And kudos for allowing those users who said they were willing to pay more (and indeed it’s been mentioned a number of times on here) to get that chance to step up! There’s one user, probably more, who will be livid that others still get to pay less. Maybe one of those generous legacy pricing users who insisted they’d be happy to pay more can donate their legacy price to that whiner user…in the spirit of fairness.

Life’s too amazing to spend it worrying about how much strangers pay for things, how they choose to spend their money, or whether or not I can decide what’s a fair price between a company and its other customers.

I’m thankful that we’re all pretty healthy and can enjoy this hobby that many derive so much pleasure and enjoyment from. I’m thankful we’re all able to have some sort of disposable income that allows us to, essentially, fund companies as cool as TR…I mean those legacy users and the newer ones :wink: paying their exorbitant prices have allowed almost a hundred individuals to have careers (think of the impact that has on those employees families) and to serve us up some pretty fantastic services…not to mention how much we all love the TR people we get to meet/listen to/interact with.

It’s all a blessing when you get down to it.


Just charge whatever the going rate is… It’s not a big deal. The product is excellent and has a leg to stand on…

This isn’t the post office, living and dying by a 5 cents / stamp increase LOL.


Screenshot 2023-01-05 at 12.46.51 PM

But seriously @Nate_Pearson , your product kicks ass. You know it. We know it. The competition knows it.

Charge whatever is you want to make a healthy profit. Screw the whiners; there’s no rule in business that says you must accommodate every single customer.


TrainerRoad at the full non-discounted monthly price is still a twentieth of the cost of a coach. While coaches are amazing people who do great work, for the vast majority of us just trying to get faster (and perhaps race at an amateur level), TrainerRoad is absolutely perfect. Heck I’m pretty sure that even if I hired a coach, I’d have them work with my TrainerRoad plan. It took literally all of the stress out of figuring out my training plan next year (at least once I knew most of the races I was targeting).

I’ve also contacted TrainerRoad’s support team a number of times with questions, and they all go above and beyond answering and helping. I’m sure that costs a pretty penny! Thanks for building such a great service and team.


My happy they give the option for legacy pricing without that I’d cancel and wouldn’t think twice about it.

Why is the video unlisted? It seems making the pricing change purposely difficult to find the info. This thread isnt even pinned to the top of the forum. This relates to all users and it should be made as clear as possible what is happening.


It doesn’t apply to many people relative to how many people view our youtube videos.

I think it would be confusing to land on this randomly on the internet with no context.

We will be contacting everyone directly tomorrow; this is more of a heads-up for the people who have talked a lot about this.

Chad also linked the other legacy pricing posts to this thread, so everyone who’s been in those threads will get a notice of this one.


Thanks Nate for being honest and transparent about this!. I’ve kept my membership even when i wasnt really actively using it because i wanted to support you all and I could hear in your voice that this wasn’t something you came to easily but something that had to happen as a company! KUDOS! and thanks for a great product!


Hey Nate!

As someone who works in the Software industry (a software dev myself) I completely understand what you are doing here from a SaaS service perspective. I am a grandfathered user and have enjoyed your product throughout the years. 100% support what you have done here. The podcasts and the videos from the team have been extremely helpful to me and honestly allow me to build my own plans and self coach myself. I honestly don’t even use the TR platform per se other than my go-to’s (I love baxter lol) but I do not mind paying the $100 to support you guys considering how much I support your product and the team.

My question the following: As a triathlete, I would be inclined to pay more if you offered more services with respect to swim (with a more focused swim plan/workout) and run, although I can get the run myself. If there is a price increase, are you planning on doing more in terms of multisport training? I understand cycling is your core userbase, but I have always felt like the multisport plans have not been fleshed out well. However, I have not looked lately on changes that have been done, but from what I recall the swim workouts were way below the quality of the bike workouts.


We plan on expanding running support. There aren’t any plans for swimming at the moment. We have some other cycling things we wan to prioritize above that.


Thank you Nate for the excellent product, support, and communication. I really appreciate the obvious concern you have shown in sharing something so important to your customers. Thanks again for such a great product.


Appreciate the decision and thank you.

Please expand into merch and/or provide some way to support the pod directly. I’m happy to further contribute towards those lines.


Thanks :pray:

We did kits and other merch before, but no one really bought them. :frowning_face:

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Thats too bad! I’d love to have a few TR black/white t-shirts or other merch. Coffee mug would be amazing. I know a hassle but I’d love it :slight_smile:


Does this only apply to users currently on the rate before $189 per year? Or does everyone have an option to opt in to a loyalty discount?

Only to people who are on a type of legacy pricing. So < 19.95/month and < 189/year

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