Powermeter dilema

Hi guys!

I want to put a powermeter on my Orbea Oiz m50 2019. I talked to p2m and they are not sure if it will fit my frame…so i plan to buy shimano xt cranks and put left side 4iiii on it. Will that work with Sram nx group? What chainring should i use and do i have to change bb? Thank you for your help!



4iiii need a specific gap between crank and chainstay, there’s a piece on their website on how to check. Unfortunately if you don’t currently have the cranks then that’s a bit awkward.

If your bike currently has Sram kit there’s a good chance that the BB is DUB meaning it won’t work with 24mm spindles as used by Shimano (DUB is 29mm :roll_eyes:). The other Sram alternative is GXP, in which case I’d be swapping it regardless. Bottom brackets have become a nightmare with lots of minor variants so it’s best to check what your frame requires.

Chainring- depends what’s on there now and if you think it’s right for your riding. Anywhere from 28T to 34T might be suitable. Depending on what the mounting arms are like on the cranks you might be limited to 30T as your smallest.

Thank you!
Chainstay clearance is not a problem, there is enough space, i could test fit friends Xt cranks just to be sure…

I could change bb to fit shimano cranks right?

The main question is will any narrow wide chainring work with sram chain and nx casette? I would use 34t direct mount ring…

I just dont want to spend 1k on a powermeter so i am looking for a budget option and this will set me back around 500€


Yes you can change BB to fit Shimano cranks. You’ll need to get a PF92 BB like this https://www.chainreactioncycles.com/shimano-xt-mt800-mtb-press-fit-bottom-bracket/rp-prod135902.

Be aware: Sram and Shimano have started down the “you can only use our chains with our groupsets” road, at least for the top end like Eagle. I’ve always used whatever chainring I can get and not had any problems. By “Direct mount” do you mean Raceface Cinch? If so that won’t work with Shimano cranksets - I wish it did as it’s the best chainring mounting system. You’ll need a four bolt mount chainring, plenty available on CRC/Wiggle/BikeDe/Rose/etc.

What about Garmin Rally pedals?

I dont think its a good idea to have pedal based pm, i come from dh background and i would destroy them on xc😅

Shimano XT FC-M8100-1 12-speed Crank without Chainring Crank 1 x 12-speed | Bike-Discount?

Thats the cranks a have in mind, and they use direct mount system for chainring…i saw someone mentioning he is using shimano slx cranks with 11 speed ring on sram nx with sram chain, all those system are a little confusing since i am not a master mechanic :joy:

Ah, I didn’t realise Shimano were doing those. Definitely on my radar for the next upgrade then :+1: Just need to check that my Cinch direct mount chainrings will work, bet they don’t.

In truth, I’ve not found any difference between narrow-wide chainrings, they all just “work”. The main problems you are likely to face are on the cassette because of the ramps and pins that are used to aid gear changes. Sram chain on Sram cassette is going to be fine.

Thats what i plan to use, sram chain on sram drivetrain, except front chainring with shimano cranks insted sram stylo, so i can fit 4iiii powermeter…
If this work then i am happy human!

If you’ve got a fitment issues, you should be able to shim it out 1mm or so if you need it. 1mm won’t hurt anything. Looks like you have a PF92 BB with Dub bearings in it. https://www.amazon.com/Wheels-Manufacturing-Crank-Spindle-Spacer/dp/B07N4BY8J5/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=dub+spacer&qid=1636130621&s=sporting-goods&sr=1-3

I’d be interested in what they think the issue will be. I have one on my MTB and it doesn’t take up any more space inboard than a chainring or other spider. I think they NGecos cost ~$490, you could use the cranks that came with the bike, then you’d have to buy a 94 bcd chainring which costs ~$50-$75.

If your drive train is SRAM, have you looked at a Quarq? That seems like the most straight forward, plus it measures true combined power

A friend tried to mount quark on oiz tr 2019 and it didt fit, chainring came to close to frame…i dont know anymore lol, p2m ng eco is 690€+chainring, my option would cost just north of 500€, so i think i will go with that…

Been using 4iiii on my road bike for 3 years and its perfect, left crank power option is enough for me

Weird that the chainring comes to close. When I go to Quarq’s site, it looks like I can just buy a replacement power meter spider for your existing crank and you should be good to go