Leadville weight/time relationship

Just confirming - you’re talking NP watts / kg not FTP, right?

Gotta be Normalized Power. I’m 3.s W/Kg FTP and I could only manage 10:45

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Both of the winners at Leadville this year were using hardtails. You just need to ride it in training weekly if you plan on using it at a long race like Leadville. You’ve got to get your body hardened to it.

Yeah, lots of the Pro’s ride HT still on occasion. They are our significantly less time, weigh significantly less, and are significantly more skilled than the majority of MTB riders and especially Leadville.

I actually said in another thread that Leadville is one of very few races where I’d opt for a Hardtail, but I’d never recommend someone to make that concession to comfort and control unless they’ve optimised so many other things already. If you have a fleet of bikes, sure consider the race HT, I don’t think I’d ever have a HT as my only/main bike anymore.

Of course these are all personal opinions and mine is no more right than any other, it’s just a forum for voicing said opinion lol.


I’m 54 and have a 2021 Specialized Epic hardtail as my only MTB. I have an old Scott Scale hardtail setup with a rigid fork as my chunky gravel bike. I’m blessed with good health and strong joints/bones.

Yeah, could well be “Bro Science”…dunno. Just tossing it out there since it seemed relevant to the discussion.

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Correct NP for Leadville. Just around 4w/kg FTP.


"The study went even further to use the results to calculate the time lost when adding a dropper post versus straight post up the hill. Dr Paul calculated that a 70kg rider would lose about 4 seconds up an 11 minute climb by carrying and extra 335 grams between the seatposts.

Roughly, a 70 kg rider would lose 2 seconds on a 5.5 minute climb, and 1 second on a 2:45 minute climb by riding a dropper seatpost.
Digging a bit deeper, this extra 335 grams for the dropper post would have almost no penalty for a 100kg rider."

For my stats, it’s 2.7-2.8 mins/lb
+4lbs means +11 minutes for 6hrs of climbing
+5lbs means +14 minutes

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