Leadville travel recommendations

In 2018 Nate went up early and I believe in 2019 Jonathon rolled in the day before. I swear I have heard Nate mention day before is the way to do it but I cant seem to find that information out there. Who has done Leadville and what are your thoughts? I have 2 options arrive at elevation the day before the race or arrive 7 days before the race.

Those are the two options they’ve recommended on the Podcast.

A. Show up as close to the race as possible.

B. Show up 7ish days or more ahead of time.

From the link below that explains the reasoning: "If it’s your A race and you are short on time, either arriving the night before to avoid the 24-hour slump of your body starting to use energy for making adaptations or arriving at least five days in advance so that your race is after the bulk of the acute adaptations have taken place are your best two options. "

To add to that, I have shown up 2 days before (twice) and been just fine, but I am planning to be there 7 days in advance this year. But everyone’s experience with altitude is different.