Altitude Question for the peeps that know

I have a 24 hr endurance race June 1st/2nd and my initial plan was to drive home Sunday night for the week and work on recovery, then load up and head to another 24 hr endurance race June 8th/9th. But I was just looking at the elevation profiles of the locations and it looks like the second race will be around 7800 to 8000 ft elevation.

So home is 1053ft elevation, 1st race is 2828ft elevation, 2nd race is 7800ft elevation. Now I’m thinking instead of going home that I should get a Airbnb and do recovery at the 2nd race location because that will be the highest elevation that I have ever competed at.


Sounds like a good plan. 5-6 days at altitude will help you acclimatize somewhat. This is the approach Nate took before Leadville.

The study below confirms this approach makes sense - a ~13% drop in VO2 max on day 1 exposure to altitude, with 3% recovery by day 7.

That’s a great idea. What races are you doing?

@Nate_Pearson The Plan is compete for a Overall Solo Podium in the geared MTB class at the “24 Hours In The Canyon” in the Palo Duro canyon just South of Amarillo, TX , its a charity event to raise money cancer survivors and their families. Its a very well established race that is going on its 13th year and at the same time on the paved roads in the Park they will be holding the National Road Endurance Championships.

The 2nd Race is the “24 Hours in the Enchanted Forest” just south of Gallup, NM. It is the first race in the N24 National Solo MTB Endurance Series, it will be my first time to race a event that has a “Lemans” running start and having to negotiate their style of lap by lap check via slowing down and going through a tent. I’m used to Normal wave style or mass starts on the bike and just dealing with timing mats concluding each lap so this race will more than likely push my patience for sure.

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Wow! No offense, but I think you might be a bit crazy :smiley:.

Really though, if I could handle a 24 hour race I’d like to try it. I think I would be sick for a month after it. Good on you!

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