Leadville and Moab - When is snow clear?

I have a window in late May and early June where family life and work life align where I can get out of town with a buddy and do a pre-ride of the Leadville climbs. Ideally, we would do that one day and then drive out to Moab for a couple days. My question:

Given the snowfall this year, does anyone know or have a guess as to when the snow is normally clear on Columbine? I’m assuming if it is clear, St. Kevins and Sugarloaf will be too, but chime in if that’s a bad assumption. Leadville recon is the main purpose of the trip.

Thanks in advance.

Moab has been clear for months. Mag 7, Captain Ahab, etc - enjoy. Super fun. Higher stuff if you want do the whole enchilada might be. Do yourself a favor and stop in Fruita to ride if you have time. You can do 18 road trails - but do early in the AM or late because it’ll be hot as frick. Rabbit Valley, all good stuff. Tech, flow, you name it. Awesome place. Moab is fun, but Fruita is great.
As for Leadville. By end of May, wouldn’t bank on it. Used to live in Summit. Shit there won’t dry till end of may and thats 9-9600’.

Moab is clear below about 7500 ft right now I think. The top of The Whole Enchilada usually doesn’t become rideable until July anyways. Check Moab Trail Mix facebook or call Poison Spider Bike Shop for exact conditions.

May/June in Moab is gonna be hot, maybe approaching 100 by then. So just like Fruita, as suggested, go early and go with lots of water.

Call Cycles of Life a week out - they’ll likely be able to tell you the trail conditions.


Grand Junction, Fruita, most of Moab (other than maybe burro pass) will be clear.