Leadville 100 2023 training

Sorry, yes. LV for me meant Leadville.

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They’ve mentioned on multiple different occasions in podcasts and it’s also called out here: https://support.trainerroad.com/hc/en-us/articles/360024371732-XC-Marathon-Training-

See the section for Longer Marathon Races (7+ Hours)

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Doing Leadville 2023 as well. The past few years I’ve used low volume sweet spot and xc marathon to prep for a 24 hour solo race. It worked well, I got on the podium, but I feel like doing something different.

I’m doing lots of functional strength training 5-6 days x 20 min per week, a few zone 2 runs per week, and the mid volume traditional base x 12-16 weeks. Lots of riding at 70-75% which I believe is critical. I’m also including the Goggins 4x4x48 and a few Murphs. Once the NH snow melts in early May, I should be able to get outdoors and planning on riding lots of 16-18% hills in zone 2, a little bit of speed work, and also at least 1 V02 workout on the trainer per week. Goal is to do 200 miles x 2 weeks, and then 3-400 miles x 1 week, throw in over-unders on each ride, and continue the rotation until about 1 month out, then taper.
I’m also planning on spending most of July in Colorado with lots of zone 2 riding at lower altitudes and sleeping at or above 10K’ and gradually build up long easy rides at increased altitude.
Hope this is helpful.

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