Latest running podcast question

Just listened to most of the latest podcast.

I don’t mind doing a 5k run every now and again just for a competitive aspect/change of pace so I do parkrun (Uk users know what I’m onnabout) sometimes when time allows.

I would rather do the runs in a safer way like TR mentioned building them up rather than just rock up and hammer out a 5k as fast as I can. As much as I enjoy it lol.

Anyway! If just doing the aforementioned 1 mile run, or 5 min run, 1 min walk ‘plan’…can I just put it on top of my training as is? I was just going to put it in with the dog walk at the beginning of the day…plus it’ll expedite the dog walk and I’ll be home sooner to eat :blush:

I do however also bike to work (8 miles flat each way) and do my TR low volume plan & some gym/weights work.

I don’t feel like 1-3 miles 1-3 times a week is too much to ask, right?

Only you know… and your body will tell you… but something so low volume and intensity should be fine.

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Have you tried the couch to 5k programme ?

I can’t imagine that this would effect your other training unless you’re standing on the absolute razors edge of stress. Plus the dog will get a touch of extra exercise and you’ll have more time to eat.

Win win win.

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