I've listened to the podcasts and still I cannot decide - when to run?

Im following a Sweet Spot Base Mid Volume 2 - which has 5 training days a week.

When do you think is best to sneak in a once a week 5 mile run?

Drop a training session and replace by a run?
Run on one of my days off?
Drop down to a Low Volume Sweet Spot training plan?

Sorry in advance if this has been discussed a million times, I couldn’t find it. Thanks in advance for replies.

Hmm, I wouldn’t want to run that far once per week. Is there a particular reason you’re running or just general fitness?

Like most things, little and often is better than one Big Bang, I only run if I’m running three times per week, but even 2x 2.5 miles might be a better starting point.

As for when, I just give it about four hours between a run and a bike session. If it has to be once per week I’d put it on the day before your rest day.

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Good point, I should have added more context. I used to run quite a bit, (read 22-25miles a week was a norm). Running 5 miles for me in one run is ok . Im looking to work some running in for general fitness / bone density. Maybe you are right though 2x 2.5mile runs. Im just struggling with how and where to put them in.
Thanks for advice.

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If you are running them at an easy pace, it almost doesn’t matter when you do them. Ideally do them on an off day or one of the easier days, but as long as you aren’t doing them as “workouts” (i.e. tempo / threshold), run when you can fit them in.

I ran 6 days a week when training for my 70.3 and 140.6 races…the vast majority of the runs were at an easy pace and it never impacted my bike work. When I did any kind of run workout, I did it on my off-bike days.

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If it’s only one run per week and you have a history of running then this shouldn’t interfere with your plan.

I’m doing SSMV2, and I have been doing an 8-10km run on Wednesday. Wednesday is a zone 2 ride, so I haven’t felt tired on the bike. I also haven’t noticed it impacting my Thursday ride.

I also do an easy run on Friday. I’m working up to doing an easy run Monday too, but not for a couple more weeks just to make sure I can handle it.

I’d say Wednesday would be the best day. Just keep the run easy. Then you sill have mon and fri as recovery days.

If cycling is your goal I’d run on the day before you rest day but after your ride. That should have the least impact on your next cycling workout.


Thanks all, great advice

This. Hard days hard, easy days easy. I run on my bike days and swim only on my easy days.