Lasko Super Fan MAX Owners: Want to reduce noise level by 85-95%, for free?

It really works!!! :flushed: :heart_eyes: Not kidding!!!

Honest guess is 95% reduction in sound. Compared to the rage-nado it was, too me, it feels “silent”.

I kept looking at how the edges of the vent exit stick out so violently into the airstream, and just couldn’t get it out of my head that like 99% of the entire system air turbulence was coming from that, and the grate cutting the air.

I’m blown away (:wink:). A bit ticked, honestly, because I just blew $$$$$ on a fan as powerful as the SFM, but silent.

(My legal team advised me to state that this is only a practical joke post, and nobody should ever do this, and after the pic was taken I threw the fan in the trash.

Now excuse me while I go enjoy a silent ride and actually get to hear my music….:wink: )

Also, if you still don’t have one of these / haven’t tried one, order one today. It will destroy your fan.