Laptop stands for indoor cycling recommendations

I use an ironing board, fits two computers, a small fan, remote, phone, and ear buds.


In the garage I just use my table saw (with the blade retracted, of course).

How are people using these cycling desks without having the air stream from the fan (e.g. wahoo headwind) completely blocked off?

For me, the fan is under the desk, pointed toward me. I roll the desk fore/aft to control the wind direction.

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Hm ok, that doesn’t work with the headwind unfortunately. Can’t get the angle that steep.

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I have the lifeline desk and I’m in the same boat as you… to get that steep angle I put a lid from an old shoe box, but the desk blocks some of the wahoo headwind airflow anyway… without the lid it hits my legs and not the core / torso as I’d like…
I could leave the lid and move up the desk, but in this way my laptop would be quite high and not simulating the ‘height’ of the road when you are outside
Maybe with a book?

I’m happy with this desk that I bought a year ago. I think it may have been recommended on the TR forum.
It is very adjustable.

That’s what I use with a 2013 MacBook Air and iPhone. Actually works better with the laptop — more prone to blowing over with the phone (usually on the back porch)