Lagging TR web app on iOS: solutions? different browser?

I am using Safari on iOS (iPhone SE) and always have a “laggy” experience when using the online calendar. It would lag when I’m scrolling down or change a data field.
It is particularly bad when I am adding notes to a run/swim workout or a new annotation.

Are others experiencing this? Is using a different browser a solution?

iPhone 7 with latest OS. No issues using TR Calendar in Mobile Safari.

The iPhone SE was launched March 2016, and the 7 was launched Sept of the same year. The 7 has a faster “A10” processor vs the “A9” processor in SE. So hardware wise, not a big difference.

What do you see under Settings > Battery > Battery Health menu? Mine shows “Peak Performance Capabiity” and if you have something lower then the processor might be tuned down to reduce peak battery demand. My wife has a 6 and getting a new battery solved her performance issues.

@bbarrera made a good point about your Battery Health and Peak Performance settings.

A couple other things that can optimize performance:

  1. Closeout of non-essential background apps
  2. Turn off Battery Saver mode

If you are all good on these fronts, I would recommend reaching out to our Support Team at so that we can take a closer look :slight_smile: