LA Fitness bikes gym compatible with TrainerRoad (BYOP - bring your own pedals)

Hello TR users,
I’m in the middle of sweet spot 1 mid range and went away with the family for the weekend without my bike or trainer. I have a LA fitness gym membership (training for swimming in particular) so decided to try the pedal power thing and connect to TR via phone.
It worked perfectly, I was able to do my weekend workouts while connecting Vector 3 pedals with my phone for power and cadence to see the workout. In parallel, I had my ant+ HRM connected to my forerunner as I forgot the bluetooth wahoo HRM so I also got to see the HR.
Interestingly enough, I forgot to disconnect the pedals from the forerunner so ended up getting power both via bluetooth on my phone and ant+ on the forerunner. This is news to me as I didnt think Garmin would do double broadcast of ant+ and bluetooth…
It was pretty nervous when removing LA fitness’pedals and replacing with mine but they didn’t seem to mind and it was a quick exchange.
Happy training.

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