L R ratio calculation help

Hi all,

Can someone help me with my maths?

I don’t have dual power pedals but I’m interested in working out my rough pedaling imbalance. I have a stages L only crank and a tacx neo 1. I’ve put them both on my indoor bike and I’ve done a few rides. I’m recording the stages on an edge 530 and the neo on a forerunner 945.

On all rides I’m coming out with on average 7% less work (Kj) completed using my stages compared to my Neo. Does than mean that my average imbalance is 43%L and 57%R?? I know that the stages and the neo have their own innacuracies. This is meant to be a rough estimation.

Is it even possible to calculate it that way and if so is my pedaling atypical?


If the Stages is recording the exact same power as the Neo, then your imbalance would only be 3.5 percentage points from 50% since the Stages doubles one leg.

46.5 watts on left leg + 53.5 on right leg; totaled by Neo = 100 watts.
46.5 watts on left leg; doubled by stages = 93 total watts.
Therefore balance is 46.5% Left and 53.5% Right which is in the pretty normal and ignorable range. (I’m at those numbers reversed.)

However, this all assumes that the Neo and Stages are measuring the same which is a likely faulty assumption. I’d personally set the correction factor on one of the two devices to eliminate the 7% difference. This would let you use the Neo for training inside and Stages for outside riding. Pride likely says up the Stages numbers, but it may not let you, so you might be stuck lowering the Neo instead. :slight_smile:

Your personal power may be +/- what the corrected system is giving you, but it doesn’ t matter at all. All that matters is that the numbers are consistent across the two different usage scenarios…

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I agree with @mimod that there’s no way to know that L/R balance is what is causing your discrepancy.

Question: what would you do if you knew your L/R balance?

It would be useful to know that the watts that I’m putting out are probably a fraction higher than it says on the head unit. It would mean I could potentially have an extra beer knowing that I’ve worked 7% harder on my ride.

But probably just use it as a geeky topic to discuss with cycling friends in the pub (when we’re allowed to).


I had assumed the same (being a very right-side dominant sportsman)

Having spent :moneybag:on dual sided pedals to replace my single sided pm. I found my balance is either 49/51 or perfectly 50/50 :rofl: ah well, the Favero pedals have cool lights on then at least…

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I had the exact same scenario, Stages and Neo. I calculated a big discrepancy, my left leg being much less. I was really concerned about this. I ended up getting vector 3 pedals and when running Stages, Vector 3 and Neo, the Stages was low and the Vector 3 and Neo matched exactly. Turns out that the Vector 3 tells me I’m 49%L, 51%R - I was worried about nothing!

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Damn! No extra beer for me then