New Assioma Duo problems

Hi all, just bought a set of Assioma Duos and looking for some thoughts. When comapring with my Tacx Neo 1 the pedals are generally 3-5% above the Neo, which I’m putting down to pedals vs drivetrain. One low resistence/high speed however the pedals seem to read up to 20% more than Neo. Anyone else noticed this, I’m hoping its trainer/flywheel speed resulting in under reporting power.

Also are random spikes in left right balance to be expected. Done a 3hr outdoor ride and while l/r balance is 49-51 there are random spikes up to 100% for each pedal which seems off to me. Really hoping i dont have a problem with new pedals, and any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Sorry, here is pic showing spikes for l/r balance.

Nothing seems wrong here. Enjoy the Assiomas and trust them over any trainer. Neo accuracy at high flywheel speeds has been a concern of many others in the past. The 100% spikes are just the reality of sometimes putting in hard pedal strokes with either leg…starting from a stop, etc.

Thanks, always felt on Neo that i had to push really hard on descents to get power. Duos feel right and been googling charts for l/r balance and seeing same so my concerns are diminishing. Thanks again for reply.

Same here

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Yeah, I’d 2nd that the L/R balance looks fine. Mine recently did go bad, and what I was seeing was a consistently much different L/R balance. That’s what I’d keep my eye on over the years you have these; inconsistency in the balance or power.

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