Carbon rim brake pad rec?

I’ve only used the old generation Reynolds blue carbon rim brake pads
Wheels are getting a bit long in the tooth so I’m not concerned about experimenting with others

Does anyone know if the new generation Reynolds blue pads are any better ?

Any suggestions for the best carbon rim brake pads out there for stopping in dry conditions ?

As far as suggestions for carbon rim brake pads…I use the SwissStop Black Prince and have been very pleased with their performance in dry (and even wet) conditions.


The lifeline ones from wiggle are pretty good and ultra soft. Wear down pretty quick but then again they are very cheap. Otherwise I second the BlackPrince ones

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Second Swiss Stop.

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Swiss stop are probably the best performing… but 60 quid for brake pads? no chance. The Prime ones are 6 quid for a full set and work great. best bang for buck.

Yes, but they come with a set of aluminum rims. :grin: