Kolie Moore test.... some help please on how to structure

There should be no ‘hopefully’ get through the first 10 minutes. It should be something you’ve done in one of the higher % sweet spot workouts and know (as much as you ever can) is doable - from there you kick up to hopefully a real threshold (as mentioned, you’ll know if it isn’t as you won’t last 30 minutes) and then either ride out the time for a long TTE, or - if you feel you could go slightly harder - ramp slowly until you feel ‘over threshold’ …failure won’t be far away at that stage :smiley:

KM himself says ‘No’ to ERG for the test. From everything I’ve seen related to this test (not to mention his general philosophy) it’s not critical to be that precise here.


I use this test but stay on erg for most of it and then take off erg for the last 5 minutes or so.

Agreed 1000% kollie would say no erg. And people overcomplicate this test. Warm up then start at sweetspot for 5min or so then build up to threshold without erg trying to feel the right spot you can hold. Then stay there as long as you can.


Quick one on KM baseline test…it seems to have no PL attached to it. Feel this is actually a good thing since doing it as a test won’t muck up levels (same as say a ramp test). Have people found this as well that doing the baseline test doesn’t impact PL…however I see some of the KM tests (progression 1, 2 etc) do have PL attached to them???

Its probably just because its a custom workout and TR doesn’t do a great job of adding PLs to custom workouts.

I’m not sure why it should mess with PLs as its just a workout at the end of the day.

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Don’t all the FTP tests have no PLs? TR might have removed it, but didn’t go through the list of variants.

No it doesn’t affect PL’s. However when I adjust my FTP manually after this test, they will then adjust accordingly.

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  • Correct, but those are “official” TR workouts/tests.

This is about the KM tests, which are “custom” workouts that users here created. Considering that many of the other custom workouts people have made can have a varying degree of realistic to insane Workout Levels, it’s reasonable to question here.

I’m surprised the KM one is apparently not present. Might have something to do with how that file was created, but I am guessing there.


Perfect, thanks all. I’d rather it didn’t have a PL as is a ‘test/assessment’ rather than a workout, however weird that some of the KM tests have PL and some don’t. I stick to original baseline one (basically 40min test) which doesn’t have PL so all good!

I think someone from TR classified it as an FTP test, even though it’s a custom workout, because they know people use it for that. Also otherwise the ultra-long FTP block in it would mess with the PLs when someone does it.


surely that is the entire point of doing long threshold intervals and should be reflected in a PL change. If up to now all I’ve done is 4x 8 or 3x12 type threshold intervals I damn well want my PL credit for doing a 1 x 40-50!!! If you dont get PL credit then how will AT know you really dont need to be doing 3x15 any more…

And 40-50 mins isnt ultra long either. Its just TR plans seem allergic to longer threshold work much of the time for some reason.