Kickr6 lost ERG mode after pause

I dropped an ear bud and paused my workout for about 1 min to find it. When I restarted the workout TR could only find cadence and not power. I switched to the other modes and they were find. Re-paired the kickr and power still was missing.
Would it be better to not pause the workout and start from the bottom of the death spiral or???
Thanks for any help

Missing power but erg and cadence working is a dodgy Kickr PCB.

Sometimes unplugging it can resolve.

If you mean erg resistance isn’t coming on then that’s differnet and usually a bluetooth / ant+ issue.

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Blue tooth / iPhone
Earbuds / iPad
Never had this as a conflict before
I’ll try the unplugging it next time

The other trick is to try switching to level mode, getting resistance back, then going back to erg mode.

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Ya tried that but it would not come back. Funny that cadence works but not power control. Oh well. Technology. Works fine in the other 2 modes.

Report it to TR support.

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But did resistance come on in level mode at all? If so, software problem.

If no resistance came on when you switched to level, and then you close TR and open the wahoo app and set a fixed resistance and no power or erg resistance → hardware problem and report to Wahoo.

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I got power in standard mode and resistance mode but not ERG after resuming the workout.
I switched back and forth thru all modes to see if it would get ERG back. It did not.
When I get back from holiday I will see if I can duplicate the problem. ERG has always worked but I never have paused a workout.

Sorry I’m trying to help but you’re not being clear.

Erg (or resistance) is different from power. They are different channels (but you can get power data from the fe-c channel as well)

What drops out in erg mode.

Resistance to you pedalling or the visual tracking of your power output?

What comes back in resistance mode?

There was no resistance and there was no power reading,
In resistance mode it all came back.
There was a cadence reading in all modes.

This has happened to me as well on Saris H3 when paused for too long. I don’t really have reason to pause often so I don’t test it if it is still occurring.

But I do have issues with ERG all of a sudden stop working at the beginning of random intervals. I’m able to switch to resistance and change % without issues. Support says interference but I don’t buy it.

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I could not duplicate the issue.
I paused the workout multiple times.
10,20,30 seconds and a few times for a minute.
ERG mode had no issues.
Oh well technology has its quirks.