New kickr firmware

I just got pushed 3.4.71 onto my kickr2018. Says it added cadence over ant+ power profile… Anyone else see this?

Mine’s a generation older and doesn’t have it, but I thought this was announced awhile ago?

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Interesting, not listed on the firmware updates page yet, but yes I see it in the app.

Maybe it only acted as a separate ant+ cadence sensor before? Ant doesn’t have the device limit ble has so it doesn’t really matter

No Kickr ever reported cadence on any comm channel until the update above (the Kickrs all shipped with a separate Wahoo Cadence sensor). The update above only applies to the K18 and Core. At that time, after the firmware update, cadence became an option directly from those trainers (ANT+ and/or BLE) without the need for a separate sensor.

The firmware update from last year added cadence support
KICKR '18 Firmware v3.4.69 - 4 September 2019

The firmware I first saw yesterday that is not showing on the Wahoo site at present is 3.4.71 and said it adds cadence over the ant+ power profile. Does seem like that was added in 3.4.69 though.

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