Kickr Watts vs power meter

I have a kickr and also a crank based PM. Is there a way to quantify the “error” between the two? I do t usually use my bike with the PM on the trainer but i’d Like to know what to expect when I train outdoors vs with my kickr (and TR)

Record the same ride . Powermeter on garmin for example and kickr on TR and than compare the data with Dc rainmakers analyzer tool . Make Sure to have Some Steady power in there Some sprints etc


If you do a TR ride in ERG mode, you can see what the ride watts are set at during a long steady state interval. You can hit the lap button on your cycling computer for that interval and see the average that you are getting from your crank based power. It will never be completely dead even as there is always a +/- of 1-2% but it will be close especially if you are on a Kickr. I usually do a spin down calibration after each warm up and find that it is only a watt or two off. Hope that helps!

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My older generation 4iiii left sided PM reads about 4% lower than my Elite Directo over steady state efforts (recording at the same time and comparing). The Directo is considered very accurate and measures things differently, so I figure that accounts for the variance. Which number is actually most correct? I dunno, but figure you’re in the ballpark. Regardless, at least it appears to be consistent, so I have been/will adjust accordingly when out on the road with only the PM (or at least be aware of it when considering pacing strats).

Great idea, thanks. Forgot about my Garmin