5-8% difference in power readings between ERG turbo and bikes

5-8% difference in power readings between ERG turbo and bikes.

I train indoors and outdoors.

Indoors on a Wahoo Kickr Core, which is always calibrated before each ride.

I have two bikes outdoors, both with Rotor power meters, which are calibrated before each ride.

I am following a TR training program.

Unfortunately my Kickr seems to read my power output as being about 5-8% above the power meters on my bikes (which I am happy are correct). I’ve checked this by using a bike with power on the turbo, with the bike power meter transmitting to a separate device to my phone which talks to TR for power feedback.

The consequence of this deference I power reads is that outdoor rides are “harder” than they should be if I follow the power ranges for each workout and if I operate at a power output 5-8% less than guided the AI input shows me being less efficient and under-training during my outside workouts.

A solution would be a service if the Kickr in the hope any adjustments might bring the power into a similar range to the two meters on my outside bikes but that is hopeful more than anything else.

All this links through Garmin Connect so I regularly see blocks of “productive” rides on the turbo when a ride over reading power but showing a lower HR improves my perceived VO2 max and then outside rides show higher HR for comparable rides so “unproductive” as VO2 is decreasing. Whilst annoying, it’s something I can live with. I just want to ensure I’m training within the correct power parameters as increase my outdoor cycling in the better weather.

Can anyone offer experience on how they’ve adapted to deal with this kind of situation?

Are you using either of the bikes with the Rotor PM’s on your Kickr? If so, you should use Power Match so you’re using consistent power inside and out.


Use a different FTP for inside & outside rides maybe.

If there is a facility to adjust the reported power on the Rotors to match the Kicr. (similar to the facility on P2Max, Favero’s and 4iiii PM’S). Certainly not ideal though.

Get in touch with Wahoo customer support and see if ther is anything they can do. I wouldn’t hold by breath though.

Get in touch with TR support and see what they suggest or can do.

Good luck and please report back on here as I’ve got the same problem. ( I now use Xert whose old app has the means to adjust the reported power on my turbo)

I found a 1.8 % difference between my Favero Assioma Duo pedals and my Wahoo Kickr v5. The value was an average, and varied a bit with the power as well. I solved this by moving my pedals between my indoor bike and the other bikes I use. And by doing this I do not have to worry so much about having a perfectly clean drive train on my indoor bike before doing hard workouts.

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@FrankTuna appears to have provided the perfect solution.

I was unaware of the Power Match feature but have found this really useful article with video:

I’m not due to ride until later this week but if I can get this up and working and “it does what is says on the tin” then I will report back with the outcome.

Thank you for the quick replies.


The factory spindown may help on the Kickr too…I do that periodically on mine.

The best bet though is Power Match. Good luck!!

Is there any reason you can’t use power match within the TT app itself?


@carytb, is there one?