Kickr snap as Dumb trainer

I have an old Kickr snap which cannot be fixed (not recording power). I am wanting to use it as a dumb trainer for my daughter so she can use Trainerroad (virtual Power)

Any idea how I can use it? I looked at the drop down, however wahoo not there

We are using a duotrap bontrager for speed and cadence



Whats about using IT with a powermeter?
So IT can still simulate terrain.
So I am using mine.

In ebay you can almost get a powertap rear wheel or hub AT around 150 Dollars or Euros. Cheaper than a New smart Trainer.

  • Can you explain more about this (like the specific app and/or device used)?
  • Generally speaking, you need a device to access the trainer and have that device set the trainer into Resistance or Level mode. This can be done via most cycling head units, or even the Wahoo app on a typical mobile device.

I am using trainerroad as the app.

The wahoo kickr snap is not recording power, therefore I just want to use it unplugged and use as a dumb trainer

  • That is not possible. The trainer is not designed for any use without having power applied. If you just spin on it without power, it will run away and be about like no resistance at all after a bit.

  • Even if you don’t want the power data, it must be plugged in to provide even moderate resistance. It is best if you have it plugged in and connected to an app that can set it in Resistance or Level (Standard in the TR app) to set a baseline resistance. That value can be tweaked in related apps as well.

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The issue is the wahoo kickr snap is no longer providing power data. (I had to buy a new one)

Well, specifically speaking, it may be possible for the trainer to provide actual and controlled resistance (while plugged in to the wall for power that is needed in the resistance unit) all without actually providing any “power data”.

There is no more we can provide for suggestion without more detail on what exactly is wrong with the trainer. If the lack of “power data” is directly linked to the actual resistance unit, then it is a dead device. If it won’t provide power data, but the resistance unit works, it may still be function just as I covered above.

If the trainer is really “dead” and not able to connect to any controlling device (cycling head unit or mobile device and related app), then it is essentially worthless without repair.

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I can see it on devices. I will try your suggestions. Thanks Graham

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Can you SET resistance level on it? You should be able to do this with the App or your head unit. They’ve got a resistance level 1-16(?) setting.

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