Kickr Offset Value Changes

Recently my 2014 (edit - had the wrong model in here) Kickr had a massive shift in the offset value that is reported from a spindown. For years it’s been reported somewhere between 460 and 475 (maybe 480?). Last week all of the sudden it’s reporting 37269 - and it never changes. I’ve done at least a dozen spindowns and it always reports that number back - which is very unusual.

I contacted Wahoo support and was told that the offset number is irrelevant - that the app had updated and Wahoo had shifted from a strain gauge calculation to a computer power model. Here’s the quote from their support:

“This in no way indicates a problem or overheating of the unit. When KICKR moved from a strain gauge to a computer power model, the offset value became irrelevant.”

So now I can’t tell if my Kickr is acting weird or if I’m just hallucinating that it is because of this new value coming back. It does seem to be acting really wonky when I’m using power match and my Stages meter. (In erg mode the resistance won’t go up to the prescribed value for the interval - it just sits like 20 watts low.) If I run it without power match it seems to be fine - but I’m stuck with the 20 watt discrepancy between my Stages and the Kickr.


If anyone’s got any input or advice I’m all ears.

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The 2016 Kickr (aka V2) didn’t have a strain gauge. That only applies to the V1, the 2013/2014 Kickr.

Are you sure you have a 2016? The easiest differentiator is the handle orientation.

Ah, I see. I bought it in 2016 but it is indeed a 2014 model (WF104).

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I can’t really speak for the V2, but the power accuracy of the V1 is abysmal. Spindown once, 20W over, spindown second time 10W under, keep spinning down and eventually you may come across one that is closer…but then it drifts like crazy. With the V1, always use an external total power, power meter. Stages left only, or left + right?

That’s my experience, it’s horrible to use for power, always use an external power meter.

I don’t think it matters how accurate it is in absolute power, just that its consistent. Of course thats different if you’re trying to get powermatch to work with an external PM. Time and again I’ve come back to just realizing that its just a number, and as along as the numbers are consistent within themselves, (i.e. one unit) it doesn’t matter any more than any other number.

It’s not.


start a workout low, end high. So, a 3x20 will end much harder than you started and you might think it’s you…when it’s not.

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yeah I see what youre saying. Mine (V2 2016) is consistent, but doesnt match my Stages even when they are both freshly calibrated. I just dont use the stages on the trainer at all.

From the research I’ve done, the V2 added additional temperature compensation. The V1 “hack” to use calculated power, due to problems with the strain gauge, has it’s problems. The drift is a significant one, the other is that, spindown to spindown, you will have resistance that’s really inconsistent. Spindown once, do your FTP test, spindown again, and all of a sudden it’s really hard…or it’s really easy and you think you’re superman.

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I always think I’m superman. The power meter tells me Im more like Luthor. Gene Hackman 1978 Luthor :pensive: :neutral_face:

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